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Thread: Chapter 62.9 Sakyn, Are you my father?

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    Default Chapter 62.9 Sakyn, Are you my father?

    Althir had avoided making any declaration about Sakyn or even Ariendel, especially after the misstep with Yrlissa. But there was smoke about his past, unexplained smoke, but smoke none the less. Althir sat in the smaller room. The warlock lit the incense and performed the ritual of legend lore, asking about Sakyn.

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    The shadows parted as Althir pierced the Veil and looked into history’s past. Before him he saw Sakyn Silverwolf holding a bow in his left hand--his right hand placed against an alabaster obelisk. Pain shot through Althir’s brain as time gave way to madness and a feeling of falling into a deep dark pit. It would seem like hours before Althir would awaken to a scene that made him avert his eyes, that of Sakyn laying in bed with a lidani woman who he called his beloved Ariendel. Years passed before his eyes until his vision rested upon Sakyn and Ariendel standing close together, tears welling up in both of their eyes when she said, “It must be done. If you have spoken truth, then it must be done.” She grabbed the dagger in Sakyn’s hand and together they plunged it deep into her heart. As she died in his arms, Sakyn said through choked words, “He shall grow up a man to be respected and feared.” Blood ran from her mouth, “and loved.” “Always,” he replied. “Althir will always be loved.”

    Why was Legend Lore so painful.

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    Althir lay on his back, rubbing his head. The fendari's vision had left him tired and confused about both the past and the future. The warlock couldn't help but wonder about his own age, the location of the alabaster obelisk. Althir focused his mind's eye on the vision of Ashoman. Was it the same obelisk? The fendari struggled to his feet recovered his equipment and went back down to the common room.

    Action: Recall the obelisk from the first vision.
    Authentic Forum Dice-roll(d20) (18) [18] I don't know what kind of check this would be intelligence is +2 and wisdom is +1

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    Althir was fairly certain it was the same obelisk he saw in his former vision.


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