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Thread: We all walk our own path... sometimes in circles...

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    Cool We all walk our own path... sometimes in circles...

    Hey everyone, it's been a while. Maybe some people on the forums still remember me, but it has definitely been a few years. Just thought I would reintroduce myself for those who don't know me.

    I have by playing tabletops since AD&D (2nd edition). Still very active with Pathfinder, and looking to become more active with D&D 5e. I love World of Darkness, but games are hard to find and run regularly. I love worldbuilding, and have even helped an author with worldbuilding for her fiction series. Theorycrafting is exciting, but I take much more enjoyment when I am doing it with a goal of a character's theme or flavor than for pure mechanics.

    For those new to the hobby, I encourage you to try all the different stuff out there. Numenera is great; there is a DragonAge RPG that is fantastic; Star Wars continues to be awesome. If you enjoy making characters--or just playing characters--there are tons of opportunities out there both online and at your local gaming stores and regional conventions. Each system is really just providing a rules framework and a setting. Try new ones, even if you no nobody else in the group. The joy you get from roleplaying, or crunching a character together, or being social with others--that is not tied to any one trademark or system.
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    Well said, Aerthos. Glad to have you back.


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