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Thread: Back from outer space.

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    Default Back from outer space.

    Hello! I'm no stranger to The Tangled Web, although you might not know it by looking at my post count. I've been a member since 2011 but I've only played in a handful of games. A couple of d&d3.5 adventures and one 5e game, none of which I was able to see through to the end unfortunately. A few real world 3.5 games as well but not in the past couple years.

    But I've got the itch again and so I'm back, as a player mostly. I haven't DM'd before although I am working on a Roll20 campaign currently. I'm not sure if I'll ever work up the courage to actually run it though.

    So D&D3.5 and 5e are the only games I know the rules for but I wouldn't mind learning some new ones. I guess I'm primarily looking for a D&D5e game. I like to play all type of characters, I wouldn't say I have a particular niche. Whatever compliments the party.
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    Great to have you back, Joe.


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