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Thread: Chapter 60.2 The Madrigal Inn

  1. Default Chapter 60.2 The Madrigal Inn

    Taking their leaving of the Fall Moon guild, and after considering the thoughts of Hildegard as they walked, the group stopped at the Madrigal Inn--which had a decidedly male clientele, and got a couple of private rooms for the group. Heading upstairs, they found the rooms to be well appointed and fashionable in a sense, although Hildegard's room had a lot of black leather in it--like on the walls and the furniture.

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    Once in his room Althir takes out his pearl and then performs the Identify ritual on Moloch's belt.

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    Hildegard noted the pleasant smell of the leather. Moving about the room she could sense how the leather would mute sound. She did not know how she felt about that. The room was stately. It had design intent beyond her ken but not her imagination.
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    After checking into his room, Walden decides to walk around the Inn and strike up a conversation with some of the folks he finds in the common areas of the inn.

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    Sully heads into Ivar’s room and, with Cormack’s help, Ivar’s bardic inspiration, and guidance from the forces of nature, Sully tries to unlock the puzzle box.

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    With a series of slides, pulls, false triggers bypassed, Sully with much help is able to unlock and open the lead lined box. Inside lay a pulsing, glowing red gem about the size of the human heart.

    From across the room, Althir finishes his Identify on the belt of Moloch. The warlock learned it was made by Asmodeus himself, from the skin of some unknown beast. The belt was locked from behind with a drop of blood sampled from a sharp pin in the lock itself. Once locked, it could only be unlocked by the one who sealed it with his or her blood, or upon the death of the wearer. Once worn, no magic spells or divine prayers could be invoked by the wearer, nor could they teleport or gate from the plane they were living on--much like dimensional shackles.

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    Althir smiled at the discovery. Moloch had been at a serious disadvantage in the battle against the Moonlit Swords. He couldn't cast all of his spells only those that were innate to his demonic heritage. It certainly wouldn't be an item that the Moonlit Swords would use.

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    Althir walks down to the common area to see who among the Moonlit Swords might be there. They needed to gather to discuss the belt and other matters.

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    Cormack says, "We could, especially since our compatriots would make sure that set for life and set for a few weeks would be the same.

    "I suppose this is more than just a gem, though."

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