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    Saturday, September 16, 1852
    You've now been at Laghara Academy of Magic for over a month. A few weeks have passed since the weekend of escaped water elementals and kidnapped gripplis. You've studied complex spellwork, written rigorous essays, and taken a couple brutal exams since then. Now it's time for something the freshman class has been eagerly anticipating for a while. Your first field trip!

    Professor Mukhopadhyaya has arranged for you all to go on a trip to Meio's capital city, Kulli. You'll take a train ride down south and then spend three days in the city. The main purpose of the trip is to visit the Chakraborty Museum of Magical History, but the very detailed itinerary you were given by Prof. Mukhopadhyaya gives you quite a lot of free time as well.

    The freshman class is supposed to gather at the front gates to meet the chaperones -Professor Mukhopadhyaya; Professor Ainsley; Professor Aadrika Dara, who insists that you all call her by her first name; and Eustacia Bing- at 5:00 pm to ensure that everybody reaches the train station on time. An early supper has been prepared in the main hall so that nobody has to travel on an empty stomach. As Dorsard, Huxley, Irfan, and Lialda finish up their dinner, a familiar human girl squeezes into a spot beside Irfan.

    "There you are," Tilde Nilldottir says. "I've been looking for you, Irfan Weirlin. I wish to claim the favor you owe me."

    She pulls a small package from her backpack and sets it on the table. It's about the size of a light novel, and is covered in brown paper. It's wrapped up with a length of twine.

    "I need you to deliver this to my uncle. He lives atop The Knotted Hill, in Kulli. Don't jostle the box too much."
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    Dorsard has decided to meet at the designated spot early and so has the chance to watch everyone else arrive. When Tilde approaches Irfan and hands him a package, Dorsard looks over with interest. It wasn't anything illegal, that he was sure of, but what could be in it that required such care?

    He waits until there is a break in the conversation or Tilde leaves and then asks Irfan what could be in such a common-looking box.

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    (Going to NPC Irfan for a bit here.)

    Irfan wanders over to meet the rest of the group, holding the package delicately in front of him.

    He waits until there is a break in the conversation or Tilde leaves and then asks Irfan what could be in such a common-looking box.
    "I have no idea," Irfan says. "It's very light, almost empty feeling, even. Wait, I feel something moving in it... no, now it's gone. It felt almost like there was a light breeze inside. It could have been my imagination."


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