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Thread: Chapter 60 OOC

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    Charm monster on the worm?

    I do wonder if Feign Death could be of use.
    "If the target is diseased or poisoned when you cast the spell, or becomes diseased or poisoned while under the spellís effect, the disease and poison have no effect until the spell ends."
    Maybe the worm wouldn't gain any sustenance while Cormack was "dead" and wouldn't hatch. But I'm not sure how we would get it out of there.

    Death Ward could help, I suppose... In theory... Although Jim might disagree. He probably won't say, "A worm crawls out of your chest, ripping apart your heart. But since you had death ward, you're alive with 1 hp left."

    Dominate Beast or Banishment (or similar spells) should work if we could find a way to see the worm without killing Cormack.

    Or one could argue that Spirit Guardians could be used to protect Cormack but not the worm, so it could potentially kill the worm inside Cormack's body. Not sure if Jim will agree.

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    I thought Walden and Axar would go with Zavros's grog plan.

    The spirit guardians plan is innovative.

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    theres a problem with the grog plan... the worm is in the heart... not the stomach....

    only thing thats going to achieve is alcohol poisoning
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    Spirit Guardians is my favorite option so far lol
    Given the logic associated with banishment and unwanted passengers, if the same logic is used here, spirit guardians will also fail. It may have already been tried and failed based on the Moloch battle.

    Essentially, the DM is ruling that the worm is attached to or part of Cormack.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    Raise dead, lol!!!

    This is the epiotme of a "gamer plan".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scymon View Post
    lol a level 17 wizard without a conduit :P

    I was thinking about the fact that most of us have never seen higher magic than what we can cast. Cormack's superiors in the order, as far as he knows, can cast no more spells or no more powerful spells than he can right now, just that their spells are a touch stronger (higher save DC's) and they know more of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkady View Post
    And Commune.

    With Commune, we can ask three questions and yes no, so I vote for:

    1. Is there a purple worm growing in Cormack's chest?
    2. Can this be cured by (x spell)?
    3. Can this be cured by the clerics of the temple of Ceara?

    With Divination we can straight up ask how to remove it from his chest the most quickly and get an answer.

    I think if Hilde is up for it, we should try those two spells. I'm sure Cormack doesn't mind paying for the 25gp offering.

  8. Default Chapter 60 OOC

    Happy Thanksgiving guys and gal

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    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone enjoys the day.

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