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Thread: Chapter 60: Fully Rested?

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    Althir looked to Johnny, Hildegard, and Vort. "I think your description of the porter's death was by something left from residual poison or acid of the purple worm. If it's poison would a combination of healing magics targeting poison work? Or do we know what the antidote for purple worm poison is? Are there protective magics against acid? We need some way to force the infestation from eating Cormack's heart? And then force it out of him. Is that magic? Some potion or antidote?

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    "Poison? Nothing grows from poison," Johnny says. "Probably laid an egg in him, something like that."

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    Sully quietly observed the conversation until Ivar handed him the package containing the magic boots. Not wanting to interrupt the discussion about the larva incubating inside Cormack, he simply nods his thanks.

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    Axar tries to change the topic in order to appreciate more of his meal. He asks Johnny, "Well, you have a general idea of what's new with us. How about yourselves? When we walked by here last, the place was for sale, you were employed by the King, and... well Vort was praying to a different deity. Among other things."

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    Johnny sits back down but keeps a careful eye on Cormack, "Yeah, well, watching other people's wealth and getting paid handsomely may sound like a sweet gig, but when something goes missing, they always blame the Loewin--always." Shaking his head, for most knew what everyone knew, Loewin were thieves. Their whole culture seemed to thrive on it. "So I spent most of my time stressed out and finding out who was trying to sabotage me at every step. It wasn't fun that's for sure. I couldn't prove it, but thankfully a Zone of Truth showed I didn't abscond with some discretionary funds and was in fact, well, I can't say fact because I couldn't prove it, but it was House Brandyl that was behind it. Thats the real reason why House Brandyl is leaving Jasrel to start their own city to the west--them and about 10,000 pilgrims since Jasrel is really overloaded with people and not enough opportunities."

    When eyes looked to Vortigern, he simply replied, "The Valkirians I was trying to set right were in fact a bunch of evil motherfuckers. They were beyond redemption and when I severed their rights to the temple, they went and complained. Well, I ain't no politician, so that shit didn't sit well with me and Valkir didn't care, he just doesn't, so over the course of a few months during Winter, I converted."

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    Zavros looks up, “Haven’t the faithful of Illkur been expelled from the city?”

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    Vortigern replies, "Their church, aye."

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    Axar thinks about Johnny's reply. He didn't really want to pursue asking him about something that was obviously a sore subject with the loewin. He also didn't want to get into a touchy subject with Vort. Lastly, he debated asking about Revi, but figured that probably wasn't going to be pleasant either. Not wanting to return the topics to worms, Axar finally states, "You ever chase anything as simple as a sock into a cave and end up literally in Hel, fighting for your life against a flaming minotaur? Look, I contain a lot of bullshit. I've probably been hit in the head way too many times to think clearly, but I will never chase a sock into a cave ever again. I highly recommend you don't chase them either. Just a random nugget of wisdom for today."

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    "Yeah, okay," Johnny replied, not sure if the dwarro was in fact brain damaged or drunk so early in the morning.

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    Althir snickered. "Such a bold statement. Our little adventure following the sock wasn't just following the sock." The fendari paused and then said, "We're all guilty of going one step beyond and we're all guilty of not knowing when to stop." The warlock tilted his head and then continued, "Correction. I think Sully and Zavros were in favor of leaving the cave at various points. Our curiosity certainly almost got us killed but it yielded knowledge and much more."

    Althir looked at the Moonlit Swords. The ranks of the free company had changed a great deal since that first meeting with Johnny. The warlock counted heads, Hildegard, Zavros, and Axar were all that remained of the original Moonlit Swords. The fendari shook way the cobwebs of memories and returned to the moment.

    "My companions can stop me and I will yield to their wishes, but our venture following the sock resulted in major finds: a heroes tomb; a demon's teleportation circle; an abandoned mining operation; a demi-lich; and of course the purple worm that killed Cormack."

    "Johnny, you are our mentor. We may not serve the Fall Moon Guild as members, but we would not have accomplished any deeds of consequence without your initial investment in us. If my companions agree we'd like to talk to you about following the sock and the consequences."

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