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Thread: Chapter 60: Fully Rested?

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    In the morning it was obvious something was going on and some in the group shared the contents of their dreams, especially after Axar awoke to find that he had chewed his own finger off. It was immediately been healed by Ivar in his room, but there was no reattaching the missing digit. At least the ring was no longer be worn by Axar--who had thrust it back into his pocket. Even after all of their strange dreams, no one felt any different.

    Deciding to head out for breakfast at Abby's Home Cooking, the group passes by the Fall Moon guild. Last time they were here, the sign was missing and had been replaced by a for sale sign, but now the for sale sign was gone and the guild sign back up. Knocking on the door, it was promptly answered by Jacobs. Seeing who it was, he stated, "I assume you're here to see the master. Luck would have it, he is present and making breakfast." The door swung open and Jacobs ushered everyone in, then closed and locked it behind them. "One moment," Jacobs stated, and moved quickly to tell Johnny of his guests.

    The place pretty much looked the same, but the courtyard was a little overgrown with dead foliage and there were several servants working on clearing it. Shortly Johnny came out of the far building where the kitchen and dining hall was and waved the group over, "Hello my friends! Just in time for first breakfast!" Heeding his call and shown into the large dining hall, Vortigern was sitting looking tired, nursing a large cup of coffee. "Ah, well, good morning to you Moonlit Swords. Have a seat, plenty of hot coffee and tea to go around, help yourselves, of course." Almost immediately Johnny comes into the hall with a platter filled with sausage and scrambled eggs and places it on the sideboard and says before heading back into the kitchen, "No need to stand on formalities, help yourself!"

    As all are seated and fully tucked into their full Jasrel breakfasts of sausage, eggs, fried tomatoes, fried ham and sourdough toast, Johnny joins them at the table and asks, "So, whats new?"

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    Cormack, his face in full view, said, "Not as much as I think we all had hoped. It's been... strange... er... than usual, I suppose. I, for one, died."

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    Axar had been chewing on some sausages when Cormack started the conversation with that tidbit. Axar partially sprays the sausage across the table and begins pounding on his own chest with his good (non-damaged) fist to free the other half of the sausage from his windpipe. After a few seconds and some profound apologizes, he puts down his fork and listens rather than risk choking and embarrassing himself again.

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    The experience with Moloch had convinced Althir his service to Ariendel was true. The fendari still didn't eat very much but he enjoyed the eggs, tomatoes, and toast. The warlock avoided the breakfast meats. Althir suppressed his own laughter at Cormack's statement and Axar's reaction. A smile did cross the fendari's lips.

    "Yes, Cormack died in an unscheduled fight with a purple worm and mysteriously rose from the dead in the midst of our combat with a demi-lich. Those two battles were minor compared to our most recent victory. While we've only been away a short time our recent battles have scarred us for a lifetime." The warlock continued, "As always we appreciate your guidance and wisdom. Johnny, we're glad to find you here and to see the activity in your guild."

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    Ivar chuckles slightly as he watches that sausage arch towards the other side of the table .... and adds quizzically "But that's not even the best bit...."

    He tucks into the delicious food.... with gusto.... shielding it slightly in case Axar feels like 'sharing' again.
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    Johnny carefully lays down his knife and fork and pushes away from the table, "Purple worm, you say?" Then looked to Vortigern, then back to Cormack, "You've been having any...chest pains? Lately?"

    Out of the corner of Althir's eye, he see's through the window, across the courtyard, Jacobs accepting a package at the front gate.

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    Cormack raises an eyebrow and says, "Since the incident? Yes, some. Not that I've noticed today."

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    Johnny squints, as if he's trying to see something that's not there. "We had a porter in Shinai fall to a Purple Worm, then an hour or so later, up he pops. We all thought he was undead, but he clearly wasn't. Then a week later, he regurgitates this nasty ass white worm from his mouth," "It made my nuts crawl back up into my body," Vort blurts out. Johnny continues, "And the Porter died on the spot--his heart eaten out." Pointing to Cormacks chest, "You should have some divinations or something done."

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    Cormack pauses, though no more than if one had told him that the trash bins needed emptying, "Fair, though I'm not sure who would do such. Knowing what ask may go a long way towards determining who would. Thank you."

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    Althir looked to Hildegard. "Who in your temple might be able to perform the divination necessary? Or who might be able to take care of the problem?"

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