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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Kalthanar nods, "We have been told a god can save from someone being infected by a mind flayer. This is why it is imperative we get underway."

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    Shamix looks at the Orb strangely as if truly understanding its power. If anyone could save or reverse a mind flayer, clearly a God could. Or Goddess in this case.

    He wonders how long he's slept. He cautiously asks, "Which Gods have returned?"
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    Kalthanar answers a question with a question, “Do you still hold any allegiance with Nuitari?”

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    Vort is also interested in his answer and discerns his demeanor when he answers, then he, with Shamix's acquiescence looks him over to see how far gone he is.

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    Shamix looks at Kalthanar curiously as he answers a question with a question. He comments, "As I said earlier, I worship magic. In Therris, all magic is funneled through the three Gods. If it were instead funneled through a grilled cheese sandwich, it would suit me just as well. I find it mildly amusing that I hold a trapped Goddess in my hands, per you, but it's more of an... intellectual curiosity than anything else."

    He clarifies, "If you're hinting that Nuitari has returned and worried about my allegiance, don't be. I don't suspect he would particularly care for my present attire. You also won't find me groveling at Lunitari's feet either. I would gladly talk about our combined love of magic with any of them. Some conversations would be more pleasant than others."

    Neither Kalthanar nor Vortigern discern any lie in his voice. He seems truly disinterested in the Gods in general, or is a very good liar.

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    Kalthanar nods, “I will take you at your words but before we return the tower to Therris the altar to Nuitari must be destroyed. He has declared war upon the white robes and slain many. The red robes are expected to convert. We cannot risk that he may be drawn to the tower. Nuitari’s altar must be destroyed and to be fair he has already destroyed Solinari’s altar in the tower in Xanthar. Now you know why Lunitari’s return is so important and being a goddess she can cure your unnatural infection.”

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    "Sounds good," Vort says. "I don't have a hammer anymore that will destroy it, but perhaps whoever is holding the orb might be able to cast fire bolts, or something multiple times, at the altar and blast it to bits."

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