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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Rian says, "That painting has movement, but I don't know if that means friend or foe. Are we ready?"

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    "Yeah," Vort says, "Reorx Bless us."

    ooc: cast Bless on Rian, Hrothgar and Kal before we move into the healing room.

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    Vortigern casts his blessing and the group slowly advances back to the Conclave. Despite the preparation, nothing is amiss, and Jamison looks up at the group from his seated position on the ground. The group takes their turn in the healing circle while Jamison pulls out his spellbook and begins casting identify on the whistle. After 10 minutes, the group sans Sana is completely healed, having partaken in the healing effects of the Conclave seats of power.

    After 10 minutes, Jamison returns to the whistle to the group and states that it summons a hound of some sort that will obey its master obediently. Without actually summoning the hound though, he's not exactly sure on how formidable or what its powers are. He then turns his attention to robes. After ten more minutes he states that the robes provide both natural armor protection and the ability to help maintain concentration. Given that Brandon's present robes only offer natural armor protection, they would be a minor upgrade.

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    "It's important that this be said," Vort says to everyone present. "If we take Sana and Jamison with us, they could be overtaken by the Mind Flayer in the library. If they come with us, they shouldn't be healed, that's my opinion. If they stay here, then yeah, they can do whatever they want, but it would be stupid to heal them and then take them with us to be mind controlled by another Mind Flayer." Looking to Jamison and Sana, "Unless you two know for certain you can't be made immediately into Thralls, what are your opinions?" Vort prays for guidance in the matter.

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    Kalthanar replies, "I understand the notion to withhold their weapons but to refuse them healing is dishonorable."

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    "Letting them get fully healed and then taking them with us so they can be mind controlled by another mind flayer and attack us--whereupon we will have to kill them, is stupid."

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    Kalthanar mentally considers whether a new mind flayer could control Jamison or Sana.

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    Jamison and Sana look at each other. Neither fully understand being a thrall and how it works exactly. Sana is the first to reply, "I know that I was unable to resist the effects of succumbing to the will of the 'enlightened' despite countless attempts to do so. I know that to become a thrall such that I was originally is not a short process. It takes a long time to break the will of someone, regardless of how hard we fight. Once it is initially completed though... I can't tell for sure if it could be... transferred to another far more easily. I pray not, but I can't say for certain."

    Jamison for his part nods and adds, "My situation is... more complicated. Not only is there a fear of me returning to thrall status... I could actually become one of them."

    Vortigern goes and touches the crystal. The effects are powerful and invigorating. Over 10 minutes, he slowly feels some of his favor returning with Reorx.
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    "It's a risk we might need to take. Yes... its stupid. But so far my own mind has been less than sure against the Mind Flayers. A giant brain doing that kind of attack will likely be more powerful. In the end, we may need all the help we can get to destroy it, even if it means taking a chance with these two. Perhaps at least allow them some healing. Enough to keep them strong enough to resist an attack, but still weak enough that if they do succumb to the Thralldom once more, then they can be overwhelmed again"
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    Vort shook his head, "Whatever, just remember when we're all fucked, I wasn't the stupid one. Do what you want."

    The war priest then walks over to Brandon and prays for Death Ward onto him.

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