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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    The Sentinels thoroughly search the room while Vortigern continues to pray for a several minute long ritual to detect magic. Sana shows no signs of being a threat and remains lost in thought for most of the time, unsure of what to do in her current state. She's either trying very hard to think about something or equally as hard to forget something.

    The group looks around the room, and finds several books and scattered notes. It is too difficult to piece together anything useful in 10 minutes of time, but it's clear that the mind flayers were experimenting on various thralls, and at least some of their notes are present. The Sentinels gather probably 3-4 books worth of notes that would likely take at least 8 hours of uninterrupted time to thoroughly analyze. Nothing else of obvious value is found in the room on the than the gear on the lightning elf. At least for now though, it is still arcing with electrical current though, and no one seems inclined to touch it.

    Vortigern stops his ritual after 10 minutes and looks around the room. Four things flare to life with magic. The strange black whistle is indeed magical; Sana herself glows with magic; the crystal embedded in the desk glows magical, and the black robes of the mind flayer appear magical. Upon closer inspection, the robes appear to be tower robes, indicating that the mind flayer was likely once a Tower scholar of some sort. Whether the robes are better than the ones that Brandon is presently wearing is unclear.

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    Kalthanar asks Sana, “Any insight into the whistle?”

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    Sana nods and says, "That one I can answer. It was brought by one of the elven team that assaulted the Tower. The owner died against the mind flayers. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it I believe it summons a dog of sorts that aids its caller. I have seen it used before, and the effects are not instantaneous. It does not make an audible sound that I can hear, but I can't say for sure that none can hear it. It is possible that the mind flayer used it during the battle, but the hound didn't arrive in time to assist him."

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    Vort was a little disappointed in the whistle and halted his plans to identify the whistle and instead turned his attention to the crystal.

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    Kalthanar considers the whistle, “We should use it then with time to spare.”

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    Kalthanar focuses upon the elder brain. Would the remaining mind flayers perish if it were slain first?

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    "I confess I like the sound of that whistle... " Hrothgar thinks back to days of hunting past.

    He sniffs. Then continues to assist around the room, carrying things where needed etc.

    "I also like the idea of using the sphere to heal up again - will save our potions and spells for when they are really needed"
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    Kalthanar turns to Sana, “What kind of powers can you still call upon?”

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    Rian studies Sana. The paladin is only partially aware of his past as an experiment. Sana was fully aware of her experience. Was the control exerted by the mind flayer unique to him or could other mind flayers easily control her. The half-elf said, "We could have to fight our way to the healing sphere or even have to fight to retake it. Are we ready to do that?"

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    Rian looks at Sana. He isn't able to understand why she seems linked to one particular mind flayer. He finds the situation odd, but there is no doubt that the killing of the mind flayer that was linked to the thrall freed both Sana and Jamison. Rian was far from an expert on mind flayers, but based on what Jamison had been musing aloud about during their last rest, this isn't normal. Thralls are supposed to belong to the colony as a whole, not an individual. Perhaps it was the place - the Tower or the Astral Plane that made things behave oddly.

    Looking through the door, Rian confirms that it is still open, and squinting closely, he can see movement in the painting probably 150' away. While there are never guarantees, healing doesn't appear to be far out of reach.

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