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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Brandon tried to discern what magic powers the crystal on the desk. He waits until Kal finishes with the ice maiden before asking for his help.

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    Vort moves into a flanking position, draws a bead and readies to shoot the Ice Maiden if she attacks--which he's fairly certain she won't, but he's taking no chances.

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    Rian remains in place but his eyes on Elsa, ready to charge if she makes an attack.

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    Brandon suddenly looks up from the crystal to see his companions surrounding the weeping ice maiden. He steps away from the desk and walks towards the ice maiden slowly. "Come now dear, it's over," he says, as if he was her father - a ridiculous notion given her age and his - "The mind flayer is dead, and your mind is yours again... for now. We must find a way to stop the transformation that is plaguing you, and another. Please, put your weapons away so that my friends and I can put ours away too. Tell us, what is your name?"

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    After briefly enjoying the feel of yet another surge of life-force into the blade, Hrothgar rounds out the party surrounding the mutated elf and looks just as happy to see that her head parts from her shoulders should she try anything.
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    The elf barely looks up at Kalthanar and then Brandon before clearing her throat and trying to muster some level of dignity. She says, "I was once Sana of House Andaris. I served Etoile and was with a group led by Elantra Grovetender to lead a sneak attack on this Tower. When that went horribly wrong, I eventually became a slave to the mind flayer here. We were... experimented on. I am sorry that I hurt you, but I am no longer under their control." She pushes her bow and long sword away to emphasize this point. After that, she holds up her own hands as if studying them for the first time, and finds that her skin is a powder blue. She can see her own breath. She falls silent lost in thought.

    Brandon for his part goes over and examines the crystal growing from tower and through the desk. He isn't able to figure out exactly what it does, but it's clear that it is magical in nature, immobile, and has been there for some time. The desk actually seems to have been build around the crystal, which seems to indicate it was somehow a focal point of this room.
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    Kalthanar asks, "What happened to Elantra Grovetender?"

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    Vort lowers his weapon and decides to check out the Mind Flayer after asking for a little guidance from his god.

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    Sana replies to Kalthanar, "We retreated from room to room within the tower, but when the mind flayers had feasted on the minds of some of the fallen, they could follow us. We were harried every time we tried to rest, and even the strongest among us - Elantra and Shaminx needed to rest. Eventually we tried to exit via the foyer to leave the tower, only to find the Tower surrounded by some kind of strange fluid. The last half dozen of us were finally cornered in the foyer. Elantra fought bravely, but ultimately sacrificed herself to allow Shaminx and the orb to escape deeper into the Tower."

    She shakes her head and says, "While it may not seem like it, for untold years, I have been envious of her fate, as she was killed instantly. I remember little of being a thrall however I had a brief period where I was not a thrall. I thought that having my freedom back would be a gift, but it was not. As best I can tell, mind flayers have been experimenting with their thralls with magic to enhance them. I'm not certain on this, but I believe that by removing me as a thrall, it improved my chances of undergoing the horrible changes that they forced upon me. I learned only a little during the time that I was released, and I can't be certain of anything. My belief though is that they still do not have the orb, nor do they have complete control of the Tower. While they normally share one mind via a mental link, that is weakened here. I suspect that they are willing to tolerate the inconvenience given the advantages that the Tower offers."

    Vortigern looks at the mind flayer. At first, he sees nothing, but as he's debating some sort of squid faced trophy, he notes a strange black whistle hanging on a cord around the neck of the creature. He's not certain without touching it, but it looks oddly familiar to the strange unworldly metal that the black glaive that Hrothgar wields.

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    Vort's eyes squint as he notes the whistle and then decides to pray for the miracle of Detect Magic and looks upon the Mind Flayer and then the room about him.

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