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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Then after comparing the notes, "I guess my paranoia is showing. The notes seem to be written by Veril and so maybe we should follow his advice." Looking to Brandon, "You're up."

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    Kalthanar paces around the room, “You may be on to something Vortigern. I think Brandon should visualize Veril. He is more familiar with the gnome.”

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    “We must tread carefully,” says the sorcerer. “I’ve had but one brief encounter with a spellweaver, and I don’t want to have to fight one if we don’t have to. As I’ve said before, they can cast no less than three spells in the time it takes me to cast one, and gods forbid they draw steel with their 6 arms. How could one parry so many attacks?”

    He pauses, “If visualizing Veril would normally take us to his private quarters, I wonder what visualizing him will do if we are already in his private quarters. Either we try that first, or we take our chances and follow the trail of breadcrumbs laid before us.”

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    “Either way you must visualize a location in addition to the individual,” clarifies Kalthanar.

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    “Okay, get ready.”

    Brandon checks with Vort to make sure he has the hag’s mask on and if he intends on casting death ward on anyone. Otherwise, Brandon recalls his memories of the Test and visualizes the top of the tower in Xanthar where he selected the white orb correlating to Solinari. He also pictures the spellweaver he met there.

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    "Can we expect the rest of this place to be this ..... small?"
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Mask in place, Vort does not cast Deathward just yet.

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    Brandon advances to the door and does his best to visualize his destination atop the roof, while visualizing a spellweaver. As he goes to open the door though, he notices that it wasn't completely closed to begin with. It is ever so slightly ajar, and he cautiously opens it without his destination doing anything.

    Peering out, he sees a roughly in the middle of a 100 X 30 stone hallway. To his right around 50' further in, he sees a wooden door at the end of the hall, centered on the far wall. To his left, around 50' in the opposite direction he sees a similar wooden door to the first one, also centered on the stone wall. The door on his left has a red "X" over the whole thing. The hallway itself is fairly dimly lit from several small ~3" large holes in the ceiling that allow limited light from somewhere above. The ceiling is about 8' high, which will hopefully make some relieved to find that the Tower wasn't built exclusively by gnomes for gnomes. Glancing up and down it, there is little-to-no place for anything non-invisible to hide.

    Brandon assumes this is some kind of small welcoming area that could connect various private rooms. The group has really only seen this once before, when coming out of the Burning Tower's now non-burning room into a fortified waiting room. Generally these rooms are skipped over since there is little need to go to them when the user can simply go to the final destination and skip these connecting rooms.

    OOC: I'm not moving anyone into the room yet. You can of course go into it or simply close the door completely and retry.

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    Kalthanar considers their options and says, “I think Brandon should try his visualization before we advance. I would like to see what occurs.”

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    "Are we following Veril?" asks Vort, "Or are we searching for the Makers? If the former, then we should go for that red X door, if the latter, then close the door and visualize it as directed. In my opinion, we follow the red X."
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