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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    “Unless someone is feeding us a false trail,” muses Kalthanar. “I could try to open the other door with a mage hand at a safe distance?”

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    "That won't work... you are not a robed mage of a tower."

    Hrothgar proves that he at least has been paying attention.
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    "X's don't start with a straight line from top to bottom," replied Vort. "It may have said, NO. Best not tempt fate and just get this going." Vort turns to Brandon, accept this blessing from Reorx, prays and places a Death Ward on the sorceror.

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    Kalthanar turns to Scymon, “The rules may be different here. I would rather know now than later should we run into trouble.”

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    Kalthanar says, "We also know of Shamix and Veril. We could check their personal quarters. Despite the letter this room belongs to Jamison."
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    “You may be right,” Brandon says to Kal, “but it stands to reason the door was marked for a reason and Veril didn’t go that way this time. We follow the X.” He steps forward and envisions the spellweavers and the top of the tower as he opens the next door marked with X at the end of the hallway.

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    Brandon approaches and turns the knob while trying to will the door to send him where he wants to go. He's attempts to visualize some kind of spellweaver standing atop the tower to try force the door to his will. While he does this, he feels that the doorknob is twisting in his hand as if someone is on the other side trying to resist his pull. Opening the is harder than expected as he half fights an unseen figure. At last, it opens into a cavern of sorts. Brandon stares into the room. It appears to be some form of cavern and reminds him of the first cavern he found himself in after awakening to start the test. It is roughly 6' in diameter and goes about 30' before disappearing out of view to the left.

    Looking at the other side of the door, which swings into the cavern, there is no one behind it. Whatever force was pulling on the door is not present or visible at least.

    A dim light comes from some unseen light source further around the corner ahead. No other obvious signs of passage are seen or sounds are heard.
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    Kalthanar creeps past Brandon to the edge of the passage before it turns left and takes out his mirror on a stick from his Thieves' Tools and looks to see what is around the corner.

    OOC: Check for traps. Advance in stealth. Look around corner with mirror.

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    Vort was about to suggest retrying the door, but Kal had other plans. The war priest stood patiently waiting for a scouting report.

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    Kalthanar quietly enters the cavern. It is a crude passage and appears to be natural, not constructed. He quietly advances and produces a pole with a mirror to check the room. He sees that the room opens up considerably ahead, to probably probably close to 100' X 100'. The ground slopes slightly downward to the center of the room where a large pool of still liquid sits that covers most of the room. Bits of bricks are scattered around the outer edges of the room, and Kalthanar thinks that the bricks at one time formed some type of well or basin for the liquid that has been long since destroyed. What little light the room has seems to come from something submerged inside the pool itself. The light seems to change colors slightly as if pulsing, but is muted by the liquid. Kalthanar isn't sure given the limits of his infravision, but it appears as though the passage continues onward on the other side of the liquid pool.

    It is impossible to tell much more information such as the depth of the water, height of the ceiling, etc, from his current position.
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