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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Kalthanar says, “Time will almost certainly behave differently in Limbo. I have been thinking about the situation of those we seek to help. Time may move so slowly for them that they require neither food nor water being forever trapped in an eternal moment.”

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    Vort had no comment about Kal's theory, but it always seemed like the elf had of way of making a situation seem entirely dire. To Grela he gives a nod, "That would be great, please do take the skull to the tower until the temple is built fully I think."

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    Hrothgar helps to shift the Skull out of the room. He is anxious to get this mission underway... and it gives him a kind of nervous energy.
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    With the skull removed from the room, the Sentinels pack into the very cramped quarters of the former closet. It is only 5' tall, causing most of the group to squat down. Only Vortigern is physically comfortable in the room. Once they are all kneeling and scrunched inside the room with the planar focus, Brandon examines the back of the door and finds no easy way to shut it. Grela steps forward and with one last distance bow, she closes the door.

    The group holds their breathe as the door begins to meld into the wall, only to be replaced thankfully by another smaller door. With little other option, the Sentinels open it, and find themselves in what Brandon recognizes as the halfling Jamison's private quarters. The room is fairly similar to Brandon's quarters at the Tower in Xanthar, but the furnishings are much smaller. In one corner of the room, an empty bird cage hangs empty where the owl that once flew the doorknob to safety resided.

    The air is fairly stale and possibly slightly acidic here, but otherwise things are indistinguishable from Alliance in this windowless room.

    There is little of obvious value left in the room, except for an ink bottle, feather quill, and a note in the center of the desk scrawled in the terrible handwriting the group knows to be Veril's.

    It reads:

    My Friends The Sentinels,
    If you are reading this, we have started our descent to the depths below. Maybe we will
    never find an exit to this trap of a tower, but we must try. We will mark our path on each
    door with a large red "X" on each door that we have taken.

    For what it’s worth, our access to the roof seems impossible so instead of going up we will
    likely be forced to go deeper. Perhaps we will get lucky and find a hidden path to the
    antechambers below where some believe the weavers to live. If you wish to follow us
    you will need to the think of the makers as you open each door. As you venture forth,
    every door increases with difficulty. I don’t know if it as simple to follow our path as
    retracing marks on a door, but if so, may whatever Gods you follow watch over your
    steps. If not, then we're all probably fucked.

    The note is again unsigned. The Tower is eerily quiet. Staring at only other exit to the room, a red "X" is painted on it.
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    "We are definitely fucked," Vort blurts out. "Well, time waits for no man. Lead the way Kal, if stealth is to be used, or Rian if we need a wall."

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    Kalthanar shakes his head, "No stealth for now. I am more concerned about traps. What is this about each door being more difficult?"

    OOC: what does Veril mean when he says "Makers?"

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    "I would suggest marking whichever doors we go through with a different symbol on the other side... so we can find our way back to here if needed."

    Hunched over slightly, he is less than thrilled with the dimensions of this place so far.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Kalthanar thinks for a moment, "The makers are the Spellweavers. As Brandon is the only person here to have met the Spellweavers he is best suited to visualize them. We can conclude that there are consequences if he fails in his visualization."

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    Seeing Brandon examining the note, he pulls out the first one from Veril and compares the writing. "This may all be a ruse. I think if we have Brandon think of Veril, the door may lead us right to him.

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