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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    “The roof is a possibility but I suggest trying Veril’s quarters first,” says Kalthanar. “We need to find him. Where in the tower would they keep him prisoner?”

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    Kalthanar looks up, “Brandon did you not visualize the roof on your first attempt?”

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    “So it failed, or something fought against you,” replies Kalthanar. “I wonder if the resistance is based upon the location?”

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    “So we start with something easier and compare the resistance,” answers Kalthanar.

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    “Does the door make the difference?” Asks Vort. “If you try the line door and visualize the roof, perhaps it will work.”

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    After some debate, Brandon decides to try to focus on the research quarters. He approaches the door with the strange writing clue on it and concentrates. As with last time, he feels a force on the other side of the door attempting to fight against him. This time the force is more powerful than last time, and Brandon finds the door handle is forcibly ripped from his hands as the door swings violently inward on its own.

    Brandon stares into the room and notices that the room in front of them is not the research quarters that he had envisioned. Looking around, he’s certain that it was once the divination chamber. Whoever the current inhabitants of the tower are now, they are incredibly bad house keepers. The large 100’ diameter room is not cluttered with cages and essentially junk. Discarded chairs, desks, lab equipment, books, and garbage are piled in the room heavily obscuring vision. Beyond the debris, a central 10’ diameter inner room can barely be seen where divinations would typically occur.

    Although no exits are visible from the room, based on past experience Brandon believes that another door would likely be found on the other end of the far wall.

    As the group stares at the room and debates what to do, the sound of a metal scraping of sorts is heard from somewhere deeper in the chamber.

    OOC: you aren't in combat, but please keep your actions brief at this point. If you try something that will take longer than a few seconds, I may edit to abbreviate it.

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    Vort yells out, “Veril, you in there?”

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