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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Kalthanar waves his hand in the direction of the worm, “That was a trap. We missed something. I want to examine Veril’s letter again and we could use the rest.”

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    Rian runs back to his previous location, and not having to slow down to squeeze past his companions.

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    Vort nods, "Let us take a short rest then as Kal re-examines the letters."

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    The group decides to take a short rest while narrowly escaping the giant worm-like creature. Kalthanar examines the notes again, now more sure than ever that he missed something. He isn't successful at first, but as he's about to give up, he walks over to the door with the faded symbol on it. He re-examines it more closely and believes that it wasn't faded over time, but simply placed there to be barely noticeable. Upon staring at it more carefully, he sees what looks like jibberish words engrained in the wood, almost too transparent to see. He concludes it was an attempt to show something down the left side of a piece of paper. Upon seeing that he returns to the warning notes and finds the hidden messages stating "Stay away. Trap." and more recently and disturbing, "Mind Flayers."

    After an uneventful hour, they are feeling somewhat refreshed if somewhat unnerved by the decoding of the note.
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    Kalthanar slumps, "So there you have it. This place is controlled by Mind Flayers. Veril tried to keep us away and we missed his warning."

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    “Would we have stayed away had we known?” Brandon asks. “We still need to save the tower, and perhaps locate Lunitari’s orb. At least now we know what we face. I suppose we try the other door marked with the vertical stripe down the left side?”

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    “And what chamber would we seek?” asks Kalthanar.

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    "Perhaps the research quarters," offer Brandon. "If Veril and Company were trying to decipher a way out of this prison, it stands to reason they would have tried to research the means with which to do so. Maybe we can pick up their trail there..."

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    "Why would be mention the roof?" Asks Vort.

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    Hrothgar stands from where he had seated himself to will his body to heal. He looks remarkably refreshed and full of vitality once more.

    He merely waits for a decision on a direction, knowing that he will follow them through to whatever location they decide upon in the end.
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