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Thread: Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

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    Default Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

    Sept 27 evening

    The Sentinels bid farewell to Reorx, and the Maker departs via the altar. The five adventurers then enjoy one last night in Alliance, some with female companionship, and others prefer solitude and friendship. Silvart is especially grateful as Brandon presents her with the emerald earrings that allow them to have limited communication while apart while providing her some limited form of protection. While Brandon believes it will be hard to top a romantic evening in the woods after killing an anchor-wielding ogre, he is thankfully mistaken.

    Vort and Hrothgar also live life to the fullest. Neither of them are sure what fate awaits them in the walk-in closet, and make sure to take full advantage of what they hope is not their last chance to find companionship in this highly risky profession.

    Sept 28 morning

    The Sentinels arise early and have a quick breakfast at the Good Knight Inn. The Pride of the Past joins them for one last meal, which is expertly prepared by Reed. The former hexblade is becoming more adept in the kitchen and puts on an excellent breakfast buffet in a private room just for the two adventuring groups. Upon completion of an excellent mix of fresh fruit, breakfast meats, and breads, the two groups give one farewell before parting ways.

    Well rested, the Sentinels suit and gear up. Rian looks particularly deadly in his full battle gear. Vortigern checks the strings on his new crossbow, Vera II. Brandonís gift is less noticeable, a small emerald necklace hanging from his neck.
    Ready for battle, the group meets Grela the mayor, whom accompanies them to the Temple of Reorx. There, Brandon presses the doorknob to one of the outer walls. After a few seconds, a door materializes and he opens it. Inside is the beholder skull and the planar focus where the group left it. No fresh note was left to their interplanar pen pal, Veril, and no fresh note is seen.

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    "I guess in one week, Grela, If we have not returned. Open the door and leave us a note. We have no idea how time works inside. It will at least give us a way to communicate".
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    Vort nods to Grela, "What I said before, before the return of Reorx, applies here too." Then as an afterthought, "10 years though... if I'm not back in 10 years. None of this next day stuff." He smiles a nervous smile because he really didn't want to go in the magic closet, but he was there to support his group.

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    Vort nods no, "I think we may have use of it when we're on the other side, so it may be best to wait."

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    "Perhaps we should at least remove the skull.... if the tower relocates to the Burrows on its return... we will have a lot of fun getting it back to Alliance."

    "Plus it really does need to be prepared as a trophy."

    "Unless we are hoping that the door will still work at that point?"
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  6. Default Chapter 12.8: A door to NoWhere

    Vort moves forward, stopping about 10íbehind Kal, raising his crossbow and aiming at the pool.

    Ooc: ready action attack if something hostile comes out of the pool.

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    As most of the group cautiously advances, Kalthanar sends his light source into the water to check the depths. As soon as the orb breaks the surface the water close to them erupts as a massive worm like creature erupts from it.

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    The creature's maw opens and emits a cone of acid that covers all but Rian of the Sentinels. It then advances on the group, stopping beside Hrotghar.

    OOC: -26 HP for all but Rian. DC 18 Dex save for half. Updated. Kal made his save. Below doesn't include Brandon's speech. If he states that he gave it, I will update.
    -13 HP Kal
    -26 or -13 HP Vort
    -26 or -13 HP Brandon
    -26 or -13 HP Hrothgar
    Rian undamaged
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    Rian felt some remorse at not being up front. The paladin had chosen to be in the back because of his plate armor. Now he need to get to the front.
    The half-elf moves up to and then tries to skinny past Vort and behind Kal and Hrothgar.

    Action: Move to 0360
    if possible skinny past Vort at 0359; move at angle through 0259; move through 0159, 0060, 9960, and 9860 to end up beside Hrothgar.

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