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Thread: House rules and general things

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    Default House rules and general things

    Welcome to the game.

    I really want everyone to have fun exploring the world.

    If you have suggestions, please PM me or email me at

    My name is Mike, and this world and the overall plot is one that I created >20 years ago in 2nd edition, with a few varaints. I'm adapting it and taking it to PbP format. Some things translate better than others, but most things will be fine.

    I'm no expert on 5e. Several of you likely know the rules better than I do. If I mess up, please let me know in the OOC thread what I did wrong. If it is my error, I apologize in advance and will work to fix it. I am working to learn the rules better.

    As with all DMs, I am doing this for fun. Please be civil with each other. I get to watch my 9 and 7 year olds fight frequently; I want to keep the drama out of the game if possible.

    I'm going to be adding house rules as I go here. Some may take experimenting to figure out what I want to do, so they may change over time. I will always try to be fair with them.

    Character death can happen. If it does, I am sorry, but if there is zero chance of death, why play the game? If you are unfortunate enough to experience it and want to restart a new character, I can work to make sure that you're not starting at level 1. I don't know exactly how I'll do it yet, but I suspect you'll start with half the experience of your old character.

    If you aren't happy with something about your character and want to change something or simply want a new one - please let me know. I want everyone to feel invested in the game and if you aren't connected the character, what I'm doing probably isn't going to matter much.

    I will add more house rules as I go here.
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    The majority of your experience is going to come from advancing the plot and accomplishing goals. So, if you need to loot something from a dragon's horde, you can kill the dragon or come up with a creative solution to otherwise get it (steal it, bargain for it, etc). Both will net similar exp reward, although in this case killing it would likely net you more items.

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    Dim light + dim light equals full light.

    Hiding (as a bonus action) after an attack is done at disadvantage. This is a rule in the game, but is obscure. I'm spelling it out here.

    You can readjust your position after hiding, but this involves both a move and hide action to do so. So under most circumstances that is your entire turn.

    Perception rolling: If you use use/roll for a class skill in a combat, it requires an Action. So you cannot attack and use a Perception roll unless your attack is a Bonus Action. Otherwise, you are stuck with passive perception.

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    Drinking a potion is considered an action as is administering a potion to someone else on the ground is an action.
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    Using things with potion/spell like effects like poison neutralizers, etc, require a full action during combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zebsen View Post
    Using things with potion/spell like effects like poison neutralizers, etc, require a full action during combat.
    You can still move though, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    You can still move though, right?
    Yes. I'm just clarifying that it's not drinking a glass of ale. Using a potion like item/antidote is in line with drinking a potion and not a free action.

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    Default Stealth

    -if the player or enemy changes hiding positions

    -his target is engaged in melee
    he rolls stealth normally. If neither of those occur, he rolls at disadvantage.

    A new hiding position is defined as as something that would give at least half cover (or invis) between you and the creature that you're trying to hide from AND your attacking cell must be at least 10' from your previous position.

    In short you have to do
    something to help yourself to or face disadvantage.

    If you change hexes on your turn, you have to roll stealth to maintain it.
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    Edited to remove flanking rule. It's really not fair at this point given the group composition to use this rule.
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    Surprise and initiative

    Surprise occurs when one side is genuinely surprised. You'd technically had it twice now, but it was only useful once. The goblins that were picking herbs were complacent and didn't suspect anything. When you opened the door to the burial mound/warehouse, you woke up the enemies, but were too far away with limited vision to do anything.

    As word of your deeds spread, it's likely that enemies will be more ready than they have been for attacks.

    Surprise isn't going to occur often. Stealth and obvious surprise (sleeping foes) can trigger it.

    Most of the time, initiative is rolled.

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