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Thread: Chapter 59: A Welcomed Rest

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    “Are we offering coin for her to raise the children or help with the business?” asks Zavros.

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    Althir said, "I'm not thinking about the baby. I'm thinking about Alli and what is best for her. She has this business and not enough help. I'm looking a solution to get her on a firm foundation. I can't very well show up every month and provide with what she needs each month."

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    Overhearing all the talk about the baby and of paying Alli, the innkeeper comes forward and is obviously angry. "I don't need your charity or pity," she says, obviously embarrassed by the situation. She is almost on the verge of kicking everyone out when she simply says, "Checkout is in less than one hour. The rooms are no longer available after that, so make sure you're out on time." She turns defiantly and stomps back to her kitchen.
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    Ivar facepalms.

    He saw 'that' coming from a mile away.
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Zavros sighs, “So what now?”

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    Axar shrugs. This is the reason that he was single. That and the fact he couldn't find a dwarro meatball of a woman anywhere, of course. He comments to Althir, "Sometimes our actions are well intended, but just come out wrong. I know your heart is in the right place, and hopefully she does too."

    With little else to say he begins gathering his things. At least they weren't sleeping in Hel tonight; wherever it is they are staying has to be an upgrade.

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    Althir collects his possessions. "Let's make sure we get everything from the chapel. Can we make it back Jasrel tonight?"

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    "Is there no other inn here?" wonders Zavros.

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    Default Chapter 59: A Welcomed Rest

    Axar looks at Sully and asks, "Did you get what you needed at the bank taken care of? That was the reason we came here to begin with. Before we found socks, babies, and all Hel broke loose."

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    "I wouldn't mind making camp and sleeping under the stars," Walden says. "Sometimes there's something to be said for living the simple life."

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