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Thread: Chapter 59: A Welcomed Rest

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    It was a little more than an hour later that the Moonlit Swords were having breakfast at the Crossed Forks Inn. They had initially gone to the chapel of Bramson and spoke to father Ashwell and were immediately ushered to the inn where the father could then see to feeding the children, much to Alli's concern and help. Breakfast was a meager affair at first since Alli was tending more to the children and less to the men and woman that brought them in, but after giving her acquiescence, several members of the group pitched in and soon all were elbow deep in heaps of food and drink. It had been a very good outcome to a very bad situation.
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    Althir said, "We've earned a break. But, I stress we have a number of tasks to complete. We have two infants in our care and need to find appropriate caregivers for them. We have to deal with the Temple of Ilkur. I believe we need to report to the king. I'm sure that I'm leaving things out."

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    Looking down at the two infants, Hildegard is sure that her temple would take the human girl, but not the duergar infant--if they did, they would probably drown it.

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    Cormack sits with his back to door so that only the Swords can see his face while he eats. The wizard seems lost in thought, his mind no doubt still reeling from terrors they faced and his return once again to Death's door. The dragon obsessed spellcaster hasn't even made a move to study the remains his great interest.

    He at last muses, "The world is strange."

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    "I have promised to help answer some of your questions," Hildegard responds to Cormack.

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    Cormack says, "I do wish to discuss religion with you, as well as how I am alive, but I don't know you can answer the concerns in my mind right now. I once looked on burned homes and the dead in battlefields and thought I knew what monsters were. Seeing the creature that swallowed me and even literal demons did not alter that definition. The thought of sending a baby to be eaten though... I don't know that ink or parchment could be used to record what kind of evil that is.

    "I worship knowledge, if anything. I am a man devoted the subtle arts, but there is a rhyme and reason in them. They are predictable, constant. Here, I can find no reason save weakness and malice.

    "I have chased power, certainly. I have sacrificed, though it was loss that brought me to my path. I cannot imagine choosing to see your child devoured, or even your neighbor's child. We live in a world fearful of a man who cleaned a table with an incantation, yet somewhere someone felt that was a fair bargain for the promise of good weather, which I cannot imagine that fiend being even slightly concerned with or granting.

    "Listen to me... I don't get like this often. I think perhaps wine, a proper bath, and cleansing my clothes are in order. Somewhere in there a proper nap.

    "There's work to do after."
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    Althir studied the duergar child. The fendari believed that environment played a role in the development of good or evil. Althir drummed his fingers on the table. The warlock finally said, "Axar, do you think the dwarro could raise the child? Teach him right from wrong and instill in him a moral compass?"

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    Zavros shakes his head, “That is a tall order. I suppose with enough coin we could convince a clan to raise the child.”

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    Alli continued to care for the infants, as the Moonlit Swords made themselves at home and it became obvious she favored the human child over the gray skinned duergar baby.

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