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Thread: 60.1 Rested and planning (Hildegard)

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    Default 60.1 Rested and planning (Hildegard)

    Hildegard considers the tasks at hand. Her wealth is to 313 gp, 5 pp. At the Moonlit Cove she has a suit of half plate worth 750 gp.

    To do all that she wishes to do will cost her most of that. The remainder would be about 35 gp.

    Raise Dead (Cormack) - 500 gp diamond

    Commune (Three questions for Cormack) - 27 gp - Holy Water and incense

    Divination (for guidance on Cormack surgery and resuscitation) - 50 gp sacrifice

    She tallies:
    577 gold. To do this she will need 211 gold more, or she will need to pawn her half plate.

    What more?

    Hildegard believes that we must use Legend Lore (500 gp) to learn all we can about Moloch's belt.
    - 250 gp of incense
    - 250 gp ivory strips

    If she can get full price for the half plate she would have 35 gp remaining.

    Hildegard shares this plan and its cost with her companions. "Diamonds, incense and holy water are the priority. They are what I need for Cormack."

    "The start will be prayers of divination and commune to confirm the path is true."
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    Hildegard shares the questions, for improvement.


    Goddess, will this effort free Cormack of the worm and leave him alive and in good health?
    - Humane death by hemlock
    - Chest opened, worm cut from heart and destroyed with sacred flame
    - Cormack restored with raise the dead.


    - In my plan (repeat of above), is it crucial that the worm be cut free and killed?
    - Is the dearth of dwarro women in part due to malevolence that we Moonlith Swords can reduce with noble deeds?
    - Should the lidani of the cove return to the island because of the westward move of humans from Jasrel?


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