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Thread: Chapter 59: A Welcomed Rest

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    Althir steps closer to Alli and says softly, "what shenanigans are you referring to Alli. We're here to help."
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    Axar watches Alli leave and says, "Probably has something to do with the poisoning at the closing ceremony if I had to guess..."

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    “Nasty business all that,” mutters Zavros.

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    Alli says nothing more, other than, "Please excuse me," and continues off to the kitchen.

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    Althir started to follow but he knew from experience that once rebuffed, persistence was often seen as harassment. Alli was a good friend to have in Brightwater, no reason to alienate her.

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    "Do all agree that the human baby can be fostered by the church of Ceara?" Hildegard asks.

    "What of the Moonlit Elves? Do you think we could foster the duergar daughter with them, funded by us as Zavros suggests?"

    Hildegard looks with sympathy towards Alli , who has retreated to the kitchen. She is a good woman, Alli. She deserves better. Is she a prisoner to the loewin who abandoned her?

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    Althir thought about Alli's situation. This was the type of person Phaedra would prey upon. Someone stuck in a life that they didn't plan. "It's clear for Alli to make her business go she needs some help." Althir looked to his companions, "I want to give 750 gold so she can hire someone and not worry about it coming out of her profits until business stabilizes. That should allow her to pay someone to work here for about a year." The fendari looks at Axar and Walden who both run businesses, "Some gold for basic upkeep and then a gold a day for working here? Is that too little or too much?"

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    Axar says, "750 gold is probably more gold than she would generally get in a year profit wise. I'm sure anything would be appreciated, and I'm not opposed to helping with some coin as well here."

    He thinks for a moment, which is uncharacteristic of him. After a few seconds he says, "I don't know how to best run a business, but I have a family recipe and a desire to spread ale to all races as a sign of friendship and goodwill. Perhaps it would be better to discuss what her vision for her business is and work it out number wise rather than just laying down some gold? Not that gold isn't appreciated, but if we generally understand what her goals are not only does it show interest, but it also will help us better understand things."

    He finally admits, "I honestly didn't expect to be alive based on recent events. No sense in saving money in this line of work. If you feel the cause is just and want to assist her, I will split the cost with you."

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    Althir replied, "That's a good idea. Perhaps this evening we can approach her. I want to see her be successful." The warlock looked around, "We'll need to inquire back in Jasrel about interests in Brightwater. I doubt we get information here. Sully might but I won't."

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    "750 gold feels like a small fortune. Not that the baby isn't worth it; I just don't think it will take that much to care for the little one right one, at least not until she turns 16 and learns to drive a coach, plus coach insurance, and clothing of course. And..." Walden groans as he thinks of the costs. "I will certainly contribute to the cause. I'd just like to ask that we're allowed to stop by and say to her from time to time."

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