It would be a long week Vort surmised--with Reorx working on freeing Rhagmur and he himself working with Jarkel, reading. Reading, ugh, the thought of it repulsed the dwarf, but he would have to work diligently if he was to discover some method as to destroying the Veil without melting his face or releasing an even greater evil into the world. Always there, in the back of his mind, he knew that whatever he did, it wouldn't matter. The skein that foretold the future was already set and no matter what decision he may make--which some will inexplicably consider 'right', Vortigern was set in the opinion that his decision would not in fact be 'right', but the only decision he was left with that didn't mean a shitload of evil trying to cornhole everyone in this world. Sighing, he diverted his attention to other things and began a series of Sendings over the coming days.

1. To Brother Fjallar
"Whats the status there Bro? I told ya I would bring back Reorx!"