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Thread: Chapter 12.7: A Thinly Veiled Change Of Heart

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    Reorx shook his head. He replies, "We've never seen anything like this before. The metallic dragons generally kept the evil dragons in relative check going way back in time. Despite their size and power, the threat of being ganged up by multiple metallics generally kept them in line. We've never needed any kind of weapons before, and I have my hands more than full with Rhagmur."
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    Vort had remained silent through the whole exchange, his eyes gleaming at his new crossbow, Vera II. He stroked it's wood and steel like a lover in his arms and almost blurted out that he would be in his bunk, but pushed such notions away as he started to take some interest in the conversation at hand. "Dragons? Yeah," patting Vera II, "I'd like to shoot me one of them."

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    “What direction did the dragons fly to?” wonders Kalthanar.

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    Brandon pockets the jewels with a deep bow. “My lord,” he murmers.

    “The dragons are the ones we need to worry about now. They aren’t out there attempting to bring back the other gods. Someone has returned Habakkuk, and failed to bring back Gilean...”

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    "Whoever they were, they are at least bringing, or attempting to bring the good and neutral gods back.... they could be potential Allies if we can find them. I would hardly think that 'She' would have brought them back.... it would go against her plans."

    Hrothgar keeps admiring the new tattoo.... watching its pattern seem to writhe and twist its coils in the light.

    Looking over the Gifts his friends have gotten, he nods in appreciation at their perceived power and prestige.
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    Reorx muses, "Habakkuk has returned, yes. As word spreads that the Gods have been imprisoned in the very items that they gifted the world, anyone that happens to find a Divine Item will likely attempt to free the God in hopes of gaining their favor. The hardest one to break is the first item, mainly because of the fear of destroying a powerful item for nothing. Now that people know the truth, they will attempt to try it if they can."

    He adds, "I watched one old dwarven lady shatter a valuable crystal orb in an attempt to strengthen me. I played along with it rather than tell her that she shattered a priceless family heirloom for nothing. Someone got lucky with Habakkuk, and we will all benefit from his return. Gilean's failed return is unfortunate."

    He finishes, "I can't be certain on how the dragons will play into this, but I am certain that Morgion was trying to free them. The Seal was very well guarded, and the puss-riden asswipes that he calls followers were thinned considerably in reaching it. As to where the dragons went, I don't know."

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    “Who will lead Rhagmur now with the King dead?” asks Kalthanar.

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    Reorx shrugs and says, "I don't know. That is for the people of Rhagmur to decide, not me. Right now, we're still focused on recovering who we can from above. Perhaps someone from the King's line will be appointed, or perhaps someone will show incredible valor and a new line will be made. While many are rightfully thanking Vortigern and the Sentinels for my return, it's hard for many to associate incredible valor with someone who most don't know well and some have never met. Songs will be sung of your valor, and much non-poisoned ale will be drank to your name in time, but as for a King, I can't say for sure."

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