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    Hey all! This is my first time attempting to share my homebrew campaign on here, but I wanted to seek assistance from the community. I wanted to create my campaign as a module, but I am a bit at a loss on where to start. I have attempted to run this campaign a few times, only to suffer set backs that we all sadly experience in PbP settings, so I have quite a bit of material.

    Some info on the campaign:

    - intended to take heroes from lvl 1 - 20.
    - All characters are good, no evil characters
    - general theme is a save the world/realm adventure.
    - This campaign features a large variety of story plots and elements: assassination, spirits, magic, dragons, treasure, pirates, sea combat, goblins, orcs, giants, bears, etc.

    The characters are "knights". Specifically they are members of the royal family's elite body guards. The kingdom of Miriba is an open and welcoming kingdom. All races and people are welcomed. Thus you have a melting pot of culture within the city. The King is beloved by all and is a fair and generous ruler. On the summer solstice, the King announces the birth of his first born. A son. During this announcement to the people of Miriba, his royal advisor, Kalidor, stabs him in the back and throws the kings body off the balcony. Leaving a chaotic scene for the people watching. At this moment a coup occurs and the military takes over the city and turns on the royal family. The party, during the chaos, rescues the queen and new born prince and take to secret passages to escape the kingdom. Once outside, they go on the run. The queen instructs the knights to take her to the Alsterad Forest. During the escape, the party is hunted by the military of Miriba. All now loyal to Kalidor, the man who assassinated the king. He rules with an iron fist and has turned the peaceful kingdom into a warring juggernaut, determined to consume the realm. Once in the safety of the forest, the party discovers a hidden city of elves. Cloaked under magic, the city goes unnoticed from their enemies. it is there the party discovers the Queen, who appears human, is actually an elf. The daughter of the king of the Winterhaven Elves.

    The party informs the queen they intend on seeking revenge for the death of the King and will not rest until Kalidor lay buried in the ground, and peace returned to the realm. The King of Winterhaven suggests seeking out the wolf spirit of the Alsterad Forest. The spirit has watched over the elven kingdom and communing with it may provide assistance in accomplishing the party's goals. This is where the campaign begins. Before the party leaves the city, a thief steals a magical harp from the castle. This theft removes the magical shield hiding the city and leaves it vulnerable. The thief is caught and killed in the process, but the question remains how he got into the city. Due to their magical enchantments, there is no possible way to find the city outside the gates. The party now has the choice to seek out what has caused the events to occur, or they can leave and seek out the temple of the wolf spirit.

    I can go on and on about material, but I will leave it there. Any folks out there want to help me out with putting together an actual PDF file that would look and feel as if it was an official D&D campaign module? A fun thought could be possibly submitting it to Wizards of the Coast? Either way, this would be collaborative and full credit will be given to anyone that would like to help out with this project.

    I would be happy to discuss more story elements and plots that I have for this if anyone wants more information.
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    Having a hard time grasping the enjoyment of the d&d5e world.. But I will put my finger here to help and ask.. "As you tried this already, where was the point the game started to suffered? .. have you tried the game in an other form?"
    You seem have a lot already planned so then we have the questions "What kind of help are you seeking?" To narrow down the wide word help.

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    Ah i should have been clearer. So the game generally died due to players quitting for whatever reasons. The help I was seeking, and perhaps this was the wrong place to do it, was to organize this campaign into a sort of "official" module for D&D. not necessarily to 5E, or D&D systems itself. I wanted to put it together because I feel like there are interesting components that I have created for this campaign that others would enjoy and I wanted to share it with the community. So basically, I am asking for help from folks who can help me put maps together, formatting it to be a "module", etc. I have a lot put together for it, because of the campaigns I ran, but didn't advance past the 5th or 6th chapter.

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    This sounds cool, Sleep! Sorry I never noticed it before now.


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