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Thread: Chapter 12.5: Backing an Outcome

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    After taking his leave of Reorx, Brandon seeks out Vortigern. “Are you satisfied?” he asks. “I backed you without question back there, and yet I cannot help but wonder if it is the wrong choice. Reorx himself could hold the Veil in Arcadia while we research a ritual of breaking, possibly increasing our chances to accomplish your desired outcome and perhaps minimizing the odds we must do battle with Chemosh.”
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    Vort sighed, "Why do you vex me so? You know my mind, it will not be changed on this matter. If I could take an axe to it right now, I would. Let us not talk any further on the matter." Vortigern walked away, weary of the constant battle over his sanity and the willingness of others to tolerate evil, in any guise.

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    "I would end a conversation that bears no result different from the one I have already chosen for myself," Vortigern said. Turning back to Brandon, "But if you must get it off your chest, then talk away, I'll try not to think of anything else--not boobies, whiskey, cigars or a really good steak. Just give some indication when you are done talking." Vortigern stood there, his mind drifting away as he awaited the verbal machinations of Brandon the Wise.
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    Brandon snorts derisively, “It is a sad day indeed when Vortigern Moonstone casts aside all reason and acts upon impulse instead. If Chemosh returns, it will be on your hands, though we must all pay the price He demands.”


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