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Thread: Chapter 12.4: The Maker Returns

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    Reorx nods and rises. He crosses the stone floor of the altar and motions for Hrothgar to bow his head. When the plainsman does so, Reorx's hands cup the air above his head and then travel down the plainsman's body as he utters some unknown incantation. As Reorx's blessing passes over Hrothgar, the plainsman feels a strange warmth flow through his body. He feels his heart quickening briefly before returning to a normal pace. Reorx's blessing ends when the avatar's hands overlap Hrothgar's. Hrothgar feels a strange itchy sensation on his forearm, but otherwise seems unaffected.

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    Reorx turns his attention to Brandon, examining the earrings and necklace. He looks at Brandon carefully and asks, "You piercing your ears or these for someone else?"

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    Kalthanar bows in gratitude, "I would like my resilience increased as well Lord Reorx."

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    Kalthanar rolls his eyes and chuckles.

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    Rian bows before Reorx, "I would be honored to wear plate armor crafted by the Maker."

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    Reorx knew Vorts mind as he thought about retiring Vera for an upgraded version made by the god himself. He would bring it up later, when things had died down.

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    As he scratches his arm where it itches a - decidedly not Mistmoorian - tattoo begins to take shape on his forearm. It appears as a stylized hammer with what he recognizes as Dwarven in design. It seems an oddly appropriate tattoo for the God who just bestowed it. Its rich metallic silvers and blues accentuate each of the winding knots woven into its 'handle'. Ending in a Blue Dragon's head with a Yellow Gleaming eye at the pommel. It almost seems to move and writhe as if alive.

    He wordlessly and humbly nods his thanks at the gift and marvels in his new found feeling of robust health and slightly tougher skin.

    After the others receive their resilience or request items, Hrothgar will offer one last statement to Reorx before he departs:

    "Perhaps while you are in Rhagmur - you will find another of your items there - I believe the King's Crown was one of them. Surely its return to you will further increase your power. At that time, perhaps you might consider using your altar to secret reinforcements into the battle. I doubt the enemy would expect such a fresh force to rally against them after so long a siege... and it may well turn the tide in your favor once more".
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    Kalthanar nods, “A fair question. Do you know what happened to your crown?”

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    Reorx grimaces and replies, "I do not know, but I assume that it is in Morgion's disease-filled hands by now. Or worse."

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