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Thread: Chapter 12.4: The Maker Returns

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    Vort nodded and looked back to Reorx, "I still wish to destroy the Veil, but you know this mi'lord." Taking a deep breath, "The odds are on my side, but shit happens. If I were to attempt to botch the attempt, could I count on your help, or must I do this alone, far from here?"

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    Reorx sits silently for another moment. He concentrates and stone walls begin to form around the altar area, replacing the damaged wooden ones, which are pushed outward to make room. The ceiling which was barely hanging together, begins to collapse, but is thrown away with a wave of Reorx's hand. In maybe a minute of silent work, Reorx accomplishes what it would probably take a skilled labor force at least a week to accomplish, with the altar area now having a polished stone floor, and the walls also being a blue-gray polished stone.

    When he speaks, Reorx says, "I barely understand these prisons or rituals. They were clearly cleverly designed to both trap us, and potentially release us. Clearly if Paladine is gone, there is a way to destroy the items. If you wish to try to summon him as you did me, but not aid him in appearing, I will provide assistance if needed. Realize though, that there are two options that I see it. The first is that Chemosh appears. I can clearly aid you if this happens. While our combined efforts can clearly defeat his avatar, Chemosh himself will have returned to the world."

    He grimaces and adds, "The second option is that he does not. I don't expect that the divine essence of a God scattering is going to be... peaceful. Look, I'm not much of a deep thinker. Gilean, he does enough thinking for the rest of us. If you're successful in destroying the item without summoning Chemosh though, I simply don't know what will happen. I could dream up lots of things, some good and some bad. So, where are you thinking that you would want to try this?"
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    "It would be outside the city, far away." Thinking about it, then pulling out his trademark yellow and orange knit cap and donning it and thinking a bit more, he says, "I have a friend, a cleric of Gilean I can have research the ritual of destruction, perhaps he can help me too. This ritual would happen in a weeks time, if that meets with your approval, mi'lord."

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    Kalthanar steps forward, “Should this not be put to a vote?”

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    Rian had listened to the debate and explanations. The only one that made sense to him was that all of the evil gods were just that...evil. "Have a vote or not. I will not participate in bringing Chemosh back. Evil is evil and does as evil desires. If anything instead of spinning our wheels about restoring an evil god, we should be thinking about how to destroy the existing evil. We may not be able to kill a god, but we can make life miserable for those that follow them. I may sound simple, but just as at the Fort, we can rally forces of good to "do good."
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    “It is no matter. I to vote to destroy it forthwith,” Brandon says affirmatively, his gaze lingering on the floor. “Vort makes three and the vote is over.” His eyes slowly rise to meet Kalthanar’s, a stoic look about the increasingly confident sorcerer. “The only question is what preparations we should make.”

    Time to make his play. “My lord Roerx, I ask nothing in return for your resurrection, save your blessing bestowed upon these,” he says, retrieving the glimmering platinum and emerald necklace and earrings. He bows low, holding the work up the the First Maker. “The very best materials I could find.”
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    Vort grimaced first at Kal for his objection—which Vort knew would be coming, then a smile as Rian spoke, then nodded in satisfaction as Brandon closed the objection with the facts of the matter. Turning to his god, “All I have wanted is for our people in Rhagmur to be saved and you are working on that, so I ask for nothing other than the destruction of the Veil.” Vort tried to hide his natural avarice and the thoughts of an awesome badass crossbow from his mind, but it was there, hiding in the shadows of his mind, but he would not give it a voice.

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    “I will not agree to this unless Reorx is present,” states Kalthanar. “We are no match for Chemosh alone. I further will not agree to this unless all artifacts belonging to Sargonnas and Zeboim are off limits.”

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    Vort looks to Kal with uncaring eyes, "You were never invited Kal, I already know your heart, always have."

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