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Thread: Chapter 12.4: The Maker Returns

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    Brandon stands to speak. “My lord, I hide nothing from your gaze,” he says, opening his palms and holding them out. “We know about the Time Lever, and we intend to invoke the alliance to activate the Time Lever and go back in time to stop the Dark Queen’s plot before it happens. It is the only way to restore Paladine, whose divine items have all been destroyed without forming his mortal avatar and releasing his essence to the aether. In order to do so, we must find an ally among the gods of evil.”

    He pauses, glancing at Vort, “but not Chemosh. We would see his power weakened if only temporarily while we work to ally ourselves with Sargonnas or Zeboim. If I am right, and the time heist works, what we do now won’t matter once we change the past and stop the gods from falling for Takhisis’ trap and imbuing their essence into the divine items.”

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    Kalthanar continues, “Lord Reorx what would happen if you took the veil back to your native plane?”

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    Reorx looked at Kalthanar and said, "I don't know. Death still comes to those in Arcadia, so it's possible that it would reanimate things there. Or it might be unable to do so. It is likely far more likely to be concealed there for a time without ill effect if you are simply trying to buy time to research a solution. Arcadia is a peaceful land of mostly woodland creatures. The more powerful creatures that reside there are mostly good in nature and unlikely to be swayed by any influence it might have."

    He looks to Vortigern. Although he could simply read the thoughts of his priest, he was respectful and simply waited for his response.

    While he waited, he concentrated on the damaged floor around them. The floorboards shook and snapped as a stone floor formed underneath it, replacing the more damaged floor with something more substantial. Thick, polishes stone was now beneath their feet.
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    Kalthanar looks at Brandon, “Reorx was never privy to the original plan. This is the first he would hear of the Time Lever.”

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    “Then let it be known, that the gods of yore created a device called the time lever in order to ensure that the dark queen could not ever serve as the sole overlord of the mortal realms. It allows those known as seekers to advance forward in time. However, if an alliance can be formed between one good, one neutral and one evil God, then A seeker would be able to go back in time and undo mistakes, to stop the forces of evil from killing the other gods. To save Paladine from his untimely death.”
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    Vort had been going over the numbers in his mind, unhappy with the final result he had come to. When Brandon tells the tale of the Time Lever and it's purpose to Reorx, Vortigern sullenly says, "It hasn't worked before, there are no guarantees it will work this time," raising a hand to stay any objection before we continues, "we need to do something different, or this will replay time and time again, infinitum. What that is, I do not know." Looking to Reorx, Vort asks, "If I were to carry the Veil in a lead box, would the curse still manifest?"

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    Reorx says, "I don't know for sure. It is powerful and may be able to overcome that. I am unable to create lead since the nature of it resists my forming magic. I can sense things in the earth, and can create many things. I, however, have no real sense of death and necromancy. If you have a lead box, I could try to sense it, but I'm not sure how readily available one is."

    He adds, "The Veil has a proximity magic that goes beyond the user. I didn't give any of my Divine Traps that ability, so I don't know for sure. I would probably have tried to counter lead if I did though."

    He listens about the Time Lever. He doesn't immediately respond. He says, "Messing with time is not something I envisioned possible. I'm surprised a device was ever created to attempt it, but given the alliance needed to activate it..." He frowns. He looks at the Veil. He adds, "Look, I don't need to bias you with my thoughts on the other dark Gods, but there ain't a single one that I would feel is a good option to ally with." He just shakes his head and adds, "That decision is analogous to picking which highly poisonous snake do you want to sleep with in your bed tonight? The options are all terrible."
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    Looking to Brandon, "And we need to bring him back to thwart Takhisis from being the lone ruling god? Is that our understanding?"

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    “She is his most powerful foe and he is hers. Who knows what kind of contingencies she has in place herself? Our best chance is to bring him back. Whether it is required, only time will tell.”

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