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Thread: Chapter 12.1: Breath-taking Ceremonies

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    Reorx listens intently to Vortigern. Although his face sours at the news, he seems to genuinely intrigued by Vortigern's voice. Vortigern's deity slowly advances on him and looks him from top to bottom, as if finally fully realizing something. He looks at Vortigern and says, "I understand what you've said, as painful as it is. I will deal with it very shortly." He pauses and says, "I have heard many voices during my imprisonment, but yours is the most curious in some time. I think I now understand why." He points at Vortigern's holy symbol to him, which is a forging hammer. He points to it and says, "May I see that please?"

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    "Aye, mi'lord," replies Vort as he takes the flaming holy symbol, due to it's continual flame prayer placed upon it--making it look really bad ass, and hands it to Reorx.

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    Kalthanar watches the exchange. Was the holy symbol the source of the curse? He silently berates himself for overlooking such a possibility.

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    Reorx looks at it curiously for a moment. He turns it over in his hands and says, "It is difficult to describe what I hear while in a void. I heard voices, prayers, and I answer what I can. Your voice though, always came through... muted. Distant. At times, I had a hard time making it out. When you were in need, I could aid you, but it was sometimes very difficult."

    He drops the holy symbol on the ground and in a flash crushes it under his boot. Against the exposed rock, the symbol shatters easily under the gods boot. Reorx reaches down and carefully looks through the rubble. He pulls out a thin barely visible shawl carefully concealed inside of it and holds it up. He comments, "The Veil of the Dead. Yes, someone went to great lengths to curse you, faithful one. I think we can safely say that curse is lifted."

    He adds, "I can get you a proper holy symbol that lets me hear you correctly, I assure you. For now though, I think you mentioned some of our people needing aid. I think now is the time for me to answer their prayers. I'm not sure how long this will take, but I promise that I'll be back after properly burying my boot in Morgion's arse."

    He looks around for any last questions or comments before he departs.

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    “Thank you mi’lord,” Vort says relieved. “The shawl there, is it destroyed? If not, then I ask that you destroy it if possible. F that Chemosh, a-hole.”

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    Kalthanar nods. Chemosh was a poor choice of an ally among the evil gods. Still, it meant very few options remained. Either Sargonnas or Zeboim.

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    Brandon steps forward, “Be wary, Lord Reorx. The Dark Queen also walks this land, along with her brethren, Morgion, and most recently, Nuitari. Know that we, the Sentinels, have also returned Branchala the Bard King and Sirrion, the First Flame. You have allies you may call on, including us if you deem us worthy.” He bows low, and steps back retaking Silvart’s hand.
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    “Yeah,” chimes in Vort. “What he said.”

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    Kalthanar steps forward, "The Blue Crystal Staff of Mishakal was ritualistically broken causing her to become permanently weakened. All of Paladine's divine items suffered the same fate. We should discuss these developments in greater detail upon your return."

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    Hrothgar merely shakes his head at the destruction of a Divine Item, even if it was one of Chemosh's. He thinks of the Balance that Zebsen had mentioned. And hopes that it can still be maintained in the long run.

    "My questions can wait. Saving Rhagmur and its people are more important - Unless you want us to follow in your wake".
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