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Thread: Chapter 12.9 Kalthanar and Sana

  1. Default Chapter 12.9 Kalthanar and Sana

    When there is a lull in events Kalthanar approaches Sana and speaks with her privately. After the initial pleasantries Kalthanar casts silent image and forms a likeness of Sekith Therolan. He asks, "Do you know this individual?"

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    Sana looks at the individual in question. She nods and says, "Yes. It's Sekith of the House Theloran. Or that is how I know him. Much has changed in Therris since I walked it." She leaves it unspoken that she cannot leave the Tower given her condition to walk Therris ever again.

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    Kalthanar continues, "Have you ever met Sekith personally? Do you know anything unique about him other than his twin sister? I need to find him but Etoile thinks he perished. I recently learned otherwise."

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    Sana replies with a strange longing in her voice, "I don't or didn't know him well but it wasn't from the lack of trying. Many of the high Houses keep to themselves unless it benefits them to mingle. I was never of high enough House standing to catch his eye, although I did try."

    She comments, "He was obsessed with religion, believing it to be the key to advancement to better things. Most of the Kings had little true background in religion. House Andaris boasts the strongest connection to Paladine and the other Gods, but even those from House Andaris that have become Kings have had little background there. He spent significant time at the temples trying to gain favor with Paladine, even if he had little chance of ascending to the throne. I too tried this approach, trying to perhaps catch his eye, but he never said more than a few words to me. One day, he just stopped coming to the Temple of Paladine. I don't know why, but shortly after, I was sent here."

    She adds, "He had a natural charisma about him. A natural born leader. He seemed destined for great things."

    She finishes, "For as ambitious as he was, his sister was tenfold more so. Thankfully enough people saw her for what she was that I doubt that she would ever hold any elevated status. Stay away from that one."

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    "I wonder why he stopped visiting the temple of Paladine?" muses Kalthanar. "Thank you that is helpful." The scion of House Elanthil changes the illusion again, "Do you recognize this wood elf? His name perhaps? He was a member of Alithia's Honor Guard. I am also trying to track him down."

    OOC: Creating an image of the male wood elf that was alive with Syndra, Sekith, and Alithia at the very end.

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    Sana replies, "I don't know why he stopped visiting the temple. His sister was always telling him that he was wasting his time there. Perhaps he finally listened to her."

    Looking at the image she says, "I know of him, but only because he was near Queen Alithia frequently as a guard. I don't know his name or anything about him though."

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    Kalthanar dismisses the illusion, "One final question and it is an unusual one. Can you recall any member of your House that has been to the Barren Top region of eastern Mistmoor? This individual would have knowledge of bartering and trade goods."

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    Sana seems a bit baffled by the question. She comments, "When I last walked Therris, we were at war with Mistmoor. Anyone knowingly fraternizing with Mistmoor would have some strong explaining to do. So, no, I know of no such fool that would risk their House standing to meet with the enemy."

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    Kalthanar nods and changes the subject, “If we are successful you could petition Lunitari for a way to mitigate your condition. You might even be able to leave the tower.”

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    Sana nods but says nothing else. Much has changed in the world since she left it. Her condition left her cursed, but anything was better than the existence she had been living as a thrall to a mind flayer in an ageless world, serving for all eternity.

    She half smiles at Kalthanar and then takes her leave.


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