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Thread: Chapter 12: OOC

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    Turn is up. I unlocked the thread. It may not flag as a new message since I edited the last message.

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    So as predicted ... I got my rage wasted..... but did I somehow lose bless as well?
    Corn canít expect justice from a court composed of chickens.

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    Kal's first shot killed the burning elf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scymon View Post
    So as predicted ... I got my rage wasted..... but did I somehow lose bless as well?
    It's still active. You had a ton of text after your name, and I accidentally deleted it when I removed the other stuff. I added it back.

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    I think you were looking at an older map. The elf archer moved west and out of the range of misty step, since the range on that spell is only 30'. Let me know what you want to do. You can still misty step to close the gap, but you can't attack this round that I can see. I'm not sure if it's worth the spell slot or not.

    Edit: nevermind. The cells you list won't work, but you have enough movement with your 30' move to still make it work. Processing your action.
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    Default Chapter 12: OOC

    I will add the map when I can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    You accidentally removed Rian’s name from the end of round status list but it’s clear he is he one at -70 and dying.
    Thanks. Added it back. Loaded the map as well. I now have to fight my son for my computer when I'm home. Fun. Times.

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    I'll move that close with a double move and no attack.

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    Rian is back up with 10hp.

    Maybe the combat is over anyways.

    BTW, I can revivify 2 people.
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