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Thread: Chapter 12: Whiskey and Pizza

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    Kalthanar smiles, “That would be safe place to hide it.” The high elf looks to the horizon, “Our quests will take us all over Therris. We could use a faster means of transportation. In all of your travels have you ever heard of a flying ship?”

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    The Sentinels talk with the strange man-elf Zebsen for some time, while eating pizza. As their meal ends and conversation dies down, the Sentinels bid farewell and return to Alliance.

    Zebsen sits on the porch and watches them disappear over the horizon. Seeing them depart he sighs, looking at a half empty whiskey bottle. He stands and wobbles a bit before trying to get his bearings. The Sentinels were a strange group, but Zebsen realized that he was considered strange by many. After a few minutes, he half walks, half stumbles westward toward the druid grove.

    After he stumbled forward past some very pretty flowers for several minutes, he eventually found his way to the center of the grove. The lush flowers gave way to a center basin surrounded by mosaic tile. Several stone benches lined the area, and the sorcerer plopped down onto one. He stared at the altar for a few minutes before being approached by a curious badger from the woods. The badger wanders forward and sits down near Zebsen. He stares at the man for a few minutes, finally catching his attention. Finally the badger speaks, "You know that you're welcome to stay here."

    Zebsen thinks for a moment and shakes his head. He says, "I appreciate the offer, old friend. You don't need any additional attention, though. Save your strength."

    The badger nods and wanders back toward the altar. Upon reaching it, he disappears into a flash of light.

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