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    Quote Originally Posted by Hideous View Post
    Although earning money is always nice, Brandon will forgo that in lieu of working at the Tower training the apprentices during the day. He plans on spending the evenings with Silvart unless the Pride of the Past leaves before we try to bring back Reorx.
    Okay. If you want to roll a weeklong straight INT check, I'm giving DC 10/15/20/25 for 1-4 successes for the week. Cumulatively, 10 successes will train one student to level 1. If you are really interested in pursuing this further, let me know, and we could work up some benefits for cash invested into the Tower for resources.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luopo View Post
    1. During the day Vort will help Hagar construct the Altar to Reorx. He will allow Hagar to wield the hammer in it's construction, or take turns forging with it, whatever Hagar wants. Even if it doesn't help, it makes a certain symmetry.

    2. At night, spend a lot of time talking and courting Cavana--who knows what the future has in store, so gather ye rosebuds as ye may.

    Other things:

    Go with the group to see Zebsen--not sure when that happens, but Vort will go, but prior to that Vort will do a Sending to verify it was him that sent the note.

    Choose Altar/Chapel site. Map to be posted separately.

    a. Sendings to Fjallar--keeping his spirits up.
    b. Sendings to Bestio to see if he can come to Alliance to make a trade.
    c. Any other Sendings that other Sentinels may wish to make.
    d. Check in on progress of Jarkels research, making sure he has all the books the Sentinels have at his disposal.
    1 The Hammer is incredibly useful at forging things, even for someone like Vort that generally just pounds rocks rather than trying to sculpt them into a work of art. In Hagar's hands, it is truly a sight to behold. It's hard to say how much it "helps" since you can't see the finished product without it, but after a week the altar is mostly done and looks to be of high quality, even if it's smaller than the one in the Great Temple of Rhagmur.

    2 Done.

    I will update the city maps when I get time - likely later this week to include the temple.

    a Fjallar is alive and awaits Reorx's return to help with Rhagmur. As best you can tell over limited sendings, there are much larger variants of the carrion crawler that you encountered in the underground temple that are patrolling the halls of Rhagmur.
    b Bestio replies that he's trading with several tribes in Mistmoor and still have several weeks before leaving.
    c done on Hrothgar. Not seeing any others.
    d He has them all. You can roll his investigation whenever. Of course, you can always spend money here if you wish. You don't have to.

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    Jarkel thoroughly reviews Zebsen's notes and finds a pattern in the symbols and realizes that Zebsen was trying to write musical patterns, but got to doodling and made them incoherent. He finds that ancient hymnals and music to the deity in question can raise the chances of success of the ceremony. Most of these books have been lost or changed over time, but the oldest of these books gives the best info.

    Based on Vort's knowledge, he can get +1 here. If you were to find old hymnals, the benefit could be as high as +4 total. You can obviously pause the ceremony and look for them, but the most likely place for Reorx hymnals would be the place you likely aren't going to want to go to.

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