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Thread: [IC 3] Blood in Snow

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    Damian looks around at his room... then spots the others about to go into theirs. He decides to have a little fun before going inside.

    "Now now... I know these PJs make me look irresistible Yeunni... but do try to resist"

    He flashes a jaunty smile and wink and steps back into his room closing the door before she can respond with anything more than a shocked splutter.

    Immediately he turns the key, locking the door and leaves the key half turned in the lock. He grabs some string and a bell from his pack and sets up a tripwire that will alert him if anyone comes in during the night. He also checks the window (If there is one) and ensures it is secure and will stay that way. Lastly he checks everywhere - even under the bed - for any hidden trapdoors or loose floorboards. Assuming he finds none ... he ties his pack and xbow to the underside of his bed with his rope. So that they can't just be dragged out without making the whole bed move.

    Satisfied with his efforts... he hops into his bed... placing his daggers under his pillow.... and falls asleep.

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    Authentic Forum Dice-rollPerception - (1d20+4) (19) [23]
    Authentic Forum Dice-rollThieves Tools - (1d20+8) (14) [22]
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    Damian sets up a good, functional tripwire. There is a secure window. (I forgot to mention that. Every room has a small, double-pane sliding window that, if locked, cannot be opened from the outside.) There are no hidden trapdoors or loose floorboards. It seems to be a normal room in a respectable establishment, not set up for any funny business. Damian also successfully gets his gear secured to the bed in the way that he wanted before he goes to sleep.

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