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Thread: Chapter 11.10: The Master Returns

  1. Default Chapter 11.10: The Master Returns

    Brandon checks in with Pogim to see how the Tower of Sorcery in Alliance has been faring since he last left. He inquired about the effects of the return of Nuitari and the battle at the tower in Xanthar.

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    Pogim yawns as he tries to recall anything useful. He says, "Bad times recently. I know that I saw several red robes pass through Alliance. I think they were en route to Etoile, but only Gradi stayed behind. I didn't see any white robes, but I heard that caravans were afraid to openly take anyone wearing white robes into their midst for fear of being associated with an enemy of Nuitari. One black robe passed through the city as well, heading south with small personal guard. Wasn't a very pleasant chap, and I decided to avoid him. Gradi could give you more info, as he was there, I think."

    He adds, "Things here have been mostly good. Kalute has been far more active than I have in the Tower recently. Without him, I'm afraid that this old man probably couldn't keep up with the younger generation."

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    Brandon nods in understanding. "Thank you, Pogim. I will speak with Kalute on this matter. In the meantime, why don't you get some rest. Here is something for your time and trouble," he says, pulling out his coin purse and counting out 10 platinum coins.

    Brandon bows out of respect for the old gnome before taking his leave. He spends some time talking with the the students to learn how their training is coming along, promising to teach them in the coming days while the Sentinels wait for the altar to Reorx to be finished.

    After a time, Brandon departs the tower and seeks out Kalute.

    OOC: Guess we can consolidate this thread with the other one where Kalute is present.

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    Pogim is very grateful, but simply adds that he'll invest in some new research material at the Tower. He is a simple gnome with simple needs. He returns Brandon's courteous bow and watches him depart.

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    Kalthanar walks up the stairs, “Pogim! I wish a moment of your time. Have you ever heard of a white robed gnome named Veril? This would have been long ago.”

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    Pogim looks at Kalthanar through his big bushy eyebrows and says, "Veril, Veril, Veril... ah yes! I remember him. Please gnome. Well, we're all pleasant in our own way. Very nice chap there. Haven't thought about him in... wow. How might you know of him?"

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    "Veril disappeared along with the Tower of High Sorcery in the Burrows," replies Kalthanar. "We have made contact with Veril, or someone that claims to be him. We might even be able to rescue him. I was hoping you might know something further about the gnome that you could pass along to me."

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    Default Chapter 11.10: The Master Returns

    Pogim thinks and says, "Wow. Of all the strange questions, this one has me stumped. Are you seeking information about him to validate it is really him or something else...?"

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    “To start, yes,” says Kalthanar.

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    Pogim thinks hard and rubs his beard. Finally he says, "His last name was Blacklight, I think. I'm sorry, but I can't remember a lot more about him after a few centuries. My mind isn't what it once was."

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