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Thread: Chapter 11.7: A Thorough Debriefing

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    Boden looks at the others and asks, "We were debating going to Etoile next to let Silvart take her Test. Unless someone has other thoughts?"

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    Kalthanar glances at Brandon and shakes his head, “Be careful. The roads are still perilous.”

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    The quiet Faral speaks up and says, "Yes, I warned them. We should be able to go through the trees to the south. It's not viable for a caravan, but Etoile shouldn't be completely cut off. It will just take some time."

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    Brandon looks to Silvart. He doesn't need to tell her to be careful, but his eyes do it for him. "At least we know what to expect if we ever make it to Windale. Thank you," says Brandon to the Pride of the Past.

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    Kalthanar asks, “When do you intend to leave for Etoile?”

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    The members of the Pride of the Past look at each other and Boden finally states, "There is some interest in seeing Reorx return to the world, if that is your plan. Other than Velkyn, we've only heard the rumors. We're not sure if we're actually invited or not though. So, possibly after the ceremony, or before then if you'd rather us not be present."

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    "There could be face melting," Vort replies. "So if you want to attend, I have no objections, just stand back aways."

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    The various members of the Pride of the Past nod along. Velkyn seems particularly interested, given the close relationship that Sirrion and Reorx had.

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