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Thread: Chapter 11.7: A Thorough Debriefing

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    Vort says to the others, "Well I had a notion that maybe this Sir Bad Ass--Hel of a name, was in fact my friend--well, acquaintance, Bestio. A man I had traded with before and a bit, odd. But it turns out he is in Mistmoor right now."
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    "You want a Sending?" Vort replied, "Let me know what you want to ask him."

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    Vort asked, "Do you not have any, Brandon?"

    ooc: Hrothgar asks his in 11.9, after this thread.
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    “I don’t know Bestio, and Hrothgar knows the situation in Mistmoor as good as anyone. It sounds like we probably won’t have time to head south ourselves until after we bring back Reorx, liberate Rhagmur, save the lost Tower of Limbo and perhaps visit Etoile. Maybe Bestio knows more about the outcome of the tribal warfare, how it began, and where the Skeleton tribe fits into the picture.”

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    "He may," Vort replied, "but I kinda doubt he's a good natured samaritan. He's more businessman than anything, well, maybe a collector of the unique, that is, than a force for good, but who knows."

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    Kalthanar asks Boden, "Did you see the Tower of High Sorcery in Windale? Does it still stand?"

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    Boden looks at the others. They all shake their head to the negative. Silvart replies, "In some cities, a Tower would stand out. In Windale, unless you know what you're looking for, it might not. The city is dense, but I would wager that if it still stands, it's not on the west side of town. Or it was there, and it wasn't different enough for us to see it."

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    "metal creatures..... " Hrothgar murmurs to himself more than anyone. Its as if he cannot understand the concept.... real creatures were difficult enough.

    "Perhaps our Red Robed friend might tell us more about them... If we ever plan on going to Windale, it might help to know more about them in case we encounter some that are still working".
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