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Thread: Chapter 11.6 Walk In Closet

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    "I am quickly amassing rooms at the various Towers of Sorcery around Therris. We could store it at the tower here in Alliance for now, as I have been named the de facto leader," says Brandon as he prepares to invoke the planar focus.
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    "de facto... what?" Vort murmurs, "what does that mean, that you're the fattest wizard around? I honestly think you could gain a few pounds myself, Brandy." Then turning back to the subject, "I plan on building a temple around this altar I'm constructing, so I'd like to keep it there--along with our other spoils of war, like that awesome canoe."

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    Brandon lets Rian and Hrogthar drag the lead fountain out of the magic room before depositing 20 gold in the basin. He waits for the other four Sentinels to do the same before he begins the invocation needed to contact the mysterious entity from another plane of existence.

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    OOC: Added Rian's +4 aura. Subtracted 20 gold from my sheet. Using Luck dice if needed (hence the roll with advantage).

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    Vort throws in his 20gp, leaving him with very little. Thankfully the shrine at Sentinels Rest had provided him with a little extra spending money.

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    Kalthanar throws in his share and asks the first question, “Are there any divine magical items of the gods to be found within the missing Tower of High Sorcery in the Burrows?”

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    As usual, the eerie presence fills the chamber. The other world reply comes back to Brandon, "Unknown." The Sentinels recall that Divine Items were designed to be hidden from divination spells to prevent other Gods from hunting those that had them.

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    Kalthanar sighs, "I was hoping a simple yes/no question would circumvent the divination protections. Anyway, I believe the orb used to shift the Missing Tower into Limbo is none other than Lunitari's Orb of Enhancement."

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    The high elf suggests another question, "Were the forces of Morgion or their allies responsible for the volcanic eruption in Rhagmur?"

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