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Thread: Chapter 11.6 Walk In Closet

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    “You know as much as I do and I barely know what I’m doing,” Vort replies, “So how can I reach others the same process, besides, there ain’t no one else I trust outside of the Sentinels.”

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    “We cannot do this alone,” reiterates Kalthanar. “Are we to bring back all of the gods ourselves?”

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    “Well then, you better go make us some friends,” Vort replies,”as you well know, I’m not the friendly type.”

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    "I think we learned with Sirrion that it helps to have a priest of the faith to at least assist with the ritual, either that or more items of the God in the ritual to give it a better focus. The problem we have, of course, is that other than Vort here, the only other Priests of Reorx and item we know of, are in Rhagmur. But we cannot take on that city without an army behind us or the God Himself. So. Unless Sirrion and Brachala can be convinced to appear here and lend us their Godly powers to help ensure our success. I am afraid that all we can do is try."
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    “That’s a good idea, Big H,” Vort replied with a twinkle in his eye. “I can do a Sending and politely ask them to help, whatcha think guys?”

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    “I propose we invite the Pride of the Past as well as Mayor Grela, Jarkel, Veril and Pogim,” says Brandon. “Inviting the gods themselves is dangerous territory.”
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    "Why invite them?" Vort asks, curious of the answer he'll receive.

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    “Jarkel can document the outcome while the others, under the watch of Mayor Grela, may learn of the ritual and perhaps use it in the future to return the other gods should we ultimately fail our mission.”

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    "What if one of them gets captured by hostile forces and then forced to give information on how the ritual works?" Vort retorted.

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    Kalthanar shrugs, "It does not matter. The enemy already knows how the ritual works. Each time we brought back a god the Dark Queen did so in return. Our allies need this knowledge. If your High Priest had known how to use the crown to bring back Reorx things might have gone differently for Rhagmur."

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