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Thread: Chapter 11.5: Good Knight Heroes

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    Admittedly Hrothgar is finding his mind wandering to far more pleasurable pursuits. But with the arrival of the Gnome in the Red Robe, he tries to find some focus and listens intently to hear what Gradri will say.
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    Gradi nods to Brandon and speaks, "I was there when it happened. I will never forget it, either. Abigail has been mostly absent in my one year at the tower. When she returned one night, all Hell broke loose. Something happened in the lobby of the Tower. I heard the magical bells ring while I was in the kitchen. There were maybe a dozen of us there - oddly no black robes. We stared at each other, and Brinda knew exactly what it was and ran for the door. I didn't even know what they meant initially, but remembered them when I saw her running. By the time we got to the lobby to hear what was going on, it was almost over. Probably 30 black robes led by Abigail and... an intense young man with jet black hair. There were at least twenty dead in the lobby. In that small lobby, there were elementals, some kind of demon, an ice storm, fire raining from the ceiling... it was magical war! Brinda, a white robe that arrived seconds before me, was disintegrated seconds after arriving. Most of the dead were white robes, and a few red and black lay scattered."

    He pauses and says, "Kyricus was rallying what few whites remained and told them to flee. The demon almost pulverized him, and he somehow vanished. Maybe he teleported. I don't know. Regardless, when he left, Abigail turned to the reds and told us to convert to black robes or leave their tower immediately. I opted to leave immediately."

    He says, "It all happened so fast. I didn't realize that the man was Nuitari until I heard him destroying the other two altars as I left, and the chants of his name from the others."

    He says, "I was still getting ready to leave the city, and Nuitari's influence was spreading. While he didn't seem to want to leave his tower, the black robes were not afraid to try to take control of the city. I was attempting to get with a caravan and head here though, when Sirrion returned. Unlike Nuitari, who could pass for human, Sirrion's flaming hair and near giant size are... clearly not human. The priest that summoned him was a dark elf. Regardless of the general perception of dark elves, people flocked to him as an outlet to a bad situation. A few black robes tried their luck with confronting them, but I'm not sure that anything is left of them after he unleashed his fury on them. It may have been a diversion to distract Sirrion though while his makeshift temple was attacked though. Regardless, Sirrion seems to have stabilized Xanthar, at least for now."

    He pauses, having relayed the key points of the recent conflict in Xanthar.
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    “What benefit does complete control of the tower offer the black robes?” asks Kalthanar.

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    "Always knew it was a bad idea mingling with black robes," Vort says, thinking to his own robes that were black, and was not wearing at the time. He would need to get rid of those for fear of being associated with Nuitari and those back stabbing mages.

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    Gradi comments, "The Tower is a magical creation built before the Gods departed the world. Magical research materials are plentiful, as are spellbooks, history books, divination chambers, and so forth. There are also other things there that I cannot openly discuss with you, but I don't know if there is any reason to concern ourselves with that. Regardless, I don't know that it's so much the Tower the Nuitari wanted as control in general. I missed the beginning of events. I don't know if he just attacked the white robes or presented an ultimatum."

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    Kalthanar nods, “With the return of Sirrion do the black robes dare to walk the streets openly?”

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    "Gradi," Brandon says, "secrecy is a convenience we cannot afford right now. This is open war, and the time to speak plainly is now. What 'other things' in the tower are you referring to? Do you mean the Spellweavers? Have they sided with Nuitari as well, or do they remain independent for the time being?"

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    "Yeah," Vort says in response to Brandon's statement, "Shit is going downhill fast, the loss of the tower is the beginning, so spill the beans on these 'other things'."

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    Gradi replies, "I didn't stay a long time in Xanthar. It's not a great place to be right now for anyone wearing a robe, honestly. Black robes I'm sure would attempt to kill a white robe on sight, if given an opportunity. Red robes have been given a choice to convert or leave. I didn't exactly get a contract on what is involved with leaving. I don't know if it was the Tower, the city, or whatever. I opted to leave, as did most red robes. Some converted. Believe it or not, some black robes viewed the ultimatum to leave to be misguided, although they wouldn't admit it openly. Some of them left the Tower too, although I would wager that they would claim that they had other matters to attend to if questioned. As far as Sirrion, his presence will keep Nuitari's influence in check, but any open conflict between the Gods will surely leave a wake of pure destruction in its path. Nuitari may not be the nicest God, but he doesn't seek the destruction of Xanthar. Black robes still walk the streets. Sirrions temple is near the coast. If I had to guess, the black robes will stay out of the west side of the city, and Sirrion's forces will probably steer clear of the east side of the city. Time will tell though."

    He looks at Brandon and says, "Your interaction with the creators of the Tower is probably the same as mine. Limited at best. What I have been told is that the creators knew all of the three Gods of magic a long time ago. They built the place for all to study equally. I don't imagine that the creators will take kindly to this sudden change of events, but who knows? Kyricus may have a different view. I've always been told that not discussing them helped preserve their anonymity. I'm not trying to be evasive, but protective. If I knew something here that would be threatening to them or us regarding the situation, I would say it. Failing that, I didn't see a reason to bring it up."

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    Brandon nods, "So the Spellweavers would support a return to balance. That is good to know."

    Changing the subject, Brandon asks Gradi, "Have you met Pogim and Kalute? I have heard from them that a black robe traveled through Alliance on his way south. Do you know if it was it Sestun? Also, can you tell us what you know of the Tower of High Sorcery missing from the Burrows?"
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