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Thread: Chapter 11.5: Good Knight Heroes

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    Vort raises his hand to ask a question, then asks, "Anyone, even you Gradi, know of any other altars to Nuitari? Is there one in Etoile? Just wondering if thats why the black robe was heading that way, in case there was an altar there."

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    Default Chapter 11.5: Good Knight Heroes

    Gradi says, "I heard a rumor that the magi in …toile destroyed the Nuitari altar when they realized what was happening in Xanthar. I canít say for sure that is true. As for what I would do if Lunitari were to return, I donít know. I never really considered before Nuitariís return and to be honest the concept doesnít appeal to me as much as you might think. I am sure the Gods opposes each other and created balance when they all worked together. They were never supposed to return one by one as they are creating local pockets of instability. I would like to think that Lunitari would not do what Nuitari did and plunge my home into deadly chaos, but who knows the mind of a God? I am a simple gnome with some skill with the art. I believe that all should be able to practice magic fairly and equally. This aligns me with Luniatriís goals, but I do not consider myself one of her more loyal followers. After recent events my belief that all should practice magic equally is being challenged." He shrugs and canít think of much more to add.

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    Kalthanar suddenly thinks of something else, "Did Abigail Hellfreeze wield the Blade of Immortality?"

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    Gradi thinks and says, "Honestly, I don't know. If she did, I didn't see it. She could have been dancing naked with her tits ablaze, and I might not have noticed due to Nuitari's wake of destruction."

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    A knock at the door occurs and Grela frowns. She goes over to get it, and finds Reed at the door. He whispers something Grela about receiving a strange note earlier in the day. He hands a note to Grela and departs.

    Grela stares at the short, puzzling note for a moment and hands it to Rian, the nearest Sentinel. Rian reads the note which says,

    Whiskey is fine,
    Pizza is red,
    Meet me tomorrow,
    Where people are wed.

    PS bring pizza and whiskey.
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    "Sounds like that crazy coot, Zebsen," Vort murmurs.

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    ďOr it could be a trap,Ē Vort says,his paranoia showing.

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    Hrothgar is still too busy laughing at Gradis description of Abigail.

    he does however manage to get it under control for vorts warning.

    "Then we should approach it with all due caution to be sure and even if it is not a trap for us, then be wary of another attack occurring on Zebsen, for they could still be watching and waiting for him".
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    Vort says, "I guess I could so a Sending, to actually see if it was him that sent the note."

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