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Thread: Chapter 10.7 Sendings

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    Kalthanar wonders if Nuitari could release Predzar from Sirrion’s realm given the parity of the gods.

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    "Fucking Abigail. This is what happens when you allow evil a hold," Vort spits in disgust. "There can be no neutrality when evil is concerned, it will always serve itself. The forces of Xanthar should tear that tower down, but they're only concerned about commerce. This also places Sentinel's Rest in peril." Vort sighs, "We are always one step behind because there are more forces that help evil than good. We can only do what we can do. If the world falls to darkness, it won't be because of us, but I am getting tired of being the only ones trying to do something about it."
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    “I am more concerned about Alliance,” replies Kalthanar. “You have to succeed in your ritual. Many lives hang in the balance.”

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    Kalthanar believes that Nuitari could attempt to free Predzar if he chose, but he would risk much if he fails, as he wouldn't be in avatar form. It is unlikely that he would attempt it since invading a rival gods domain in non-avatar form probably could result in permanent death if he failed.

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    "Don't I know it," Vort replies. "Hard for me to say, since I'm don't know the machinations that the gods employ, but I've yet to hear of Branchala or Sirrion doing as much good as Morgion and now Nuitari doing as much evil. Perhaps they're thinking of the long game, I don't know, I just don't know the minds of the gods. Hopefully Reorx will be more proactive and actually talk to us, guide us. This free will crap is just, free will. Well, I guess it's not crap, otherwise we would be getting ruled by the likes of Morgion, but Hel's, it sure is tough being on our own--at least thats the way I feel."

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    “Branchala is no warrior and Sirrion has no altar,” says Kalthanar. “Speaking of which contact Ult next. He was put to some task by his god.”

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    "Make no excuses for gods," Vort says in reply. "Word your allotted question for Ult and I will send it."

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    “Ult how fares your quest? Nuitari has returned to the world. We need to balance against this development,” states Kalthanar.

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    After he speaks Kalthanar reluctantly thinks that Vortigern is right and one should not make excuses for gods.

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    At some point on the journey - he wants the others to get the business of the Tower sorted first ... it seems more important. Hrothgar asks Vort to send a message to Mava asking in his own words "We head for Alliance next - How does all fare and how their scouting of Windale went.... oh and next time page 39" He will grin like an idiot at anyone who looks puzzled. Saying only that she will know what he means and she will know that it is him that asks.

    Then depending on that response he will further ask if Vort if he will contact Sestun. (giving the other name) There is likely to be some argument because he was a black robe at their meeting and a small confrontation over the robes - but Hrothgar will simply ask him not to mention the tower, because at the moment he is the only link to Hrothgar's home that Vort knows.

    So ask him, please. "How his meeting with Larthor went and has he had luck thus far in finding stray Lions or news of their fate".
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