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    Recruiting for a Play By Post Pathfinder 1e Fantasy Batman.

    CHAPTER 1:

    Who I am.
    How I come to be.

    It’s the 4th of Abadius

    Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City (using Magnimar as the backdrop) and investigator James Gordon arrives to his new post.

    “Maybe it is all I deserve now. Maybe it’s my time in hell. But will this be as easy as fighting demons in the Worldwound?” The veteran crusader of Mendev stomachs the unsettling decision to move to Gotham, because it’s all that he’s been able to swallow for the past twelve hours and his empty stomach has been trying to eat itself for the past five. When he was done with his commission in the crusades he wanted to get as far away from the Worldwound as possible. So he found himself the Mana Wastes. That’s where he started his career as a lawman and found his wife. But when he turned in two crooked marshals it just wasn’t the same and he was given an ultimatum. It was either here or go back to the Crusades, and he wasn’t about to put his wife through that hell. But was Gotham any better? Barbara is taking the boat with most of their belongings. He didn’t care how much it costed to have her travel by ship, caravan is no way to travel to Gotham. “At least by ship all you see is the bustling port and the towering walls. Fools you to thinking it’s safe and civilized.”

    Bruce looked up from his journal after hearing a brief rapping at his door. “Come in.”

    A young lanky boy opened the door.
    “We’re beginning our final progression towards docking in Gotham City. You can go ahead and begin gathering up your belongings in your cabin Mr. Wayne.” The cabin boy announced.

    “Thank you Billy. I have something for you.” Bruce hands the cabin boy a silver coin. A silver could easily grant the boy some niceties once on shore without being too obvious as a gold piece which could possibly put the lad in danger. “You’ve been a great help during the voyage. Go and buy yourself a treat once you are able after we dock. I’ll be sure to tell the captain so he doesn’t assume you took it.”

    “Wow! Thank you Mr. Wayne!” The boy’s smile stretches across his face as he pockets the coin and sees to the rest of his duties.

    Bruce returns to his journal and finishes his entry after glancing out the window towards the massive city growing on the shore. “From here it’s clean shafts of granite and snowy rooftops. The work of men who died generations ago. From here it looks like an achievement.” He takes another look out the window and sees the pillars of the looming Irispan known as the Giants Bridge come into view. “I should have taken the caravan. I should have been closer. I should see the enemy.”

    “Barbara has most likely seen the oracle before leaving. I only hate myself a little for hoping the results would mean no child. This is no place to raise a family.” Gordon thought to himself as he trudged through the streets towards the Arvensoar that would most likely be his duty station for the remainder of his career.

    Among the crowded and muck filled streets an acolyte of Abadar approaches the the tired and hungry investigator. “Have you heard about the great wisdom of Abadar. Great things flow from the First Vault. The Order of Numbers can help you bring order to your life. For a small donation you can have a copy of your own.”

    “No, please...” James begins to reject the acolyte’s offer when he was cut off my another shout from across the road.

    “Gordon! Lieutenant James Gordon!”

    “Its really a nice book. It’s filled with lots of pictures gaa...” The young acolyte continues to try and meet his quota of books when a thick and meaty hand is shoved in his face.

    “Walk skinhead.” The very large halforc clothed in the uniform of the City Guard interposed himself between the two of them. “Name’s Flass, Lieutenant. Detective Flass. Commissioner Loeb sent me to make sure you didn’t miss your appointment with him.”

    “They really are nice... koff.. colors”.

    “Well I....” Gordon shakes Flass hand. “Persistent li’l guy.”

    “Welcome to Gotham, Jimmy. It’s not as bad as it looks. Especially if your a City Guard. Guards got it made in Gotham.

    The docks in Gotham are normally crowded, but today they seem to be exponentially congested. Some how the citizens of the metropolitan city of monuments must have received word that Bruce Wayne, Gotham’s first son has returned home. By the looks of it a large number of wealthy citizens seem to have braved the streets and docs to be in attendance and get their own glimpse of Gotham’s most wealthy heir, Bruce Wayne himself.

    “Welcome home Mr. Wayne...” The Dock Master greets the wealthy heir.

    “How does it feel to be back?” An aristocratic gentleman asked as Wayne passed him on the street.

    “...Princes Caroline...” Mention of the heiress of the neighboring country could be over heard among the din of voices.

    “...Any plans, Mr. Wayne?” Another aristocrat asks.

    “... are there any truths to the rumors?” Yet another noble asks, eager for information so she could spread the latest gossip. Later that day she shares the chatter what she heard that morning to a gathering of other affluent individuals. “The twenty-five-year-old, heir to the Wayne millions declined to comment on any rumors of romance in his life or on his plans on his return to Gotham after twelve years abroad. But I’ll be sure to keep us updated on the latest gossip on Gotham’s richest - and best looking - native son.”

    “Thank you, Jackie. I have also heard that following the disappearance of a key witness, assistant District Attorney, Harvey Dent was forced to withdraw conspiracy charges against the City Guard Commissioner, Loeb...” Another aristocratic gossip monger shared.

    Meanwhile in the office of Commissioner Gillian Loeb. “You know we are all delighted to have you on the team, Lieutenant.” The elderly Commissioner says as he leans across the massive desk to give his newest team member a welcome handshake.

    “You will get my best work sir. I promise.” Gordon replies eager to set a presidency of duty from the start.

    “And we are a team. A team needs team spirit, don’t you think?” Loeb leans back in his chair and sorts through the Lieutenant’s file he had received ahead of him from his previous station of Sandpoint. Gordon gives a nod before he continues. “Yes it does. And your record supports your reputation, showing you’ve got what it takes to work here in Gotham.

    “I know I’ve made my mistakes sir. I’m grateful for this chance to prove myself...” Gordon replies as he takes out a small pouch and pipe offering his new boss some of his favorite frontier tobacco.

    “If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s smoking.” The Commissioner interjects and Gordon politely replaces the pouch and pipe back into his jacket pocket. “What mistakes have you made, Lieutenant? You have kept the gossip mongers away from it. That’s the bottom line isn’t it?” The head of the City Guard popped a small hard eucalyptus and honey candy in his mouth. “Yes it is.”

    “I’ld feel better toughing out the urge if I didn’t have to smell those eucalyptus candies of his.” Gordon thought to himself. “I swear you won’t have to worry about my honesty, Commissioner.”

    Loeb leans forward, rests his elbows on his broad oak desk and steeples his hands.
    “That’s the last thing on my mind. Last thing.”

    The evening is cool and crisp, the moist air from the bay makes the air feel especially chilled. The coach that the wealthiest Man in Gotham road like a cloud. Not a bump or jolt was felt by the occupant that road inside, only the minor swaying as the coach slowed, stopped or turned. Bruce was able to see the home he left behind years ago on the horizon as the coach approached the Alabaster District. The lengthy yet smooth ride allowed him to once again make another entry into his journal. “Wayne Manor. Built as a fortress , generations past, to protect a fading line of royalty from an age of equals. Mother. Father. It’s good to be back.” The dark coach pulls up to Wayne Manor and comes to a rest. Steam floods off of the horse’s moistened coat. A tall slender man stands erect at attention on the step in his crisp and freshly ironed suit. Bruce exits the carriage and approaches the gentleman and places a firm yet caring hand on his shoulder. “Alfred.”

    “I trust you’ve been well Master Bruce.”


    I’m curious to see if anyone would have the interest in playing a Play by Post fantasy Batman using Pathfinder 1E and Magnimar as the backdrop for Gotham City. If you are a huge Batman fan like I am, you may have noticed that I felt that is was only fitting to use the opening of Batman Year One by Frank Miller as an intro and add my own flare and fantasy Pathfinder twist to it to fit the setting.

    I really enjoyed the turn of the century Batman in Gotham by Gaslight. I’ve always wanted to play the Caped Crusader in a Pathfinder platform and fantasy setting. I would love to play as Batman but I am fully willing to act as GM and share my vision that I have been working on for the past few years.

    I have also been experimenting with doing a dual campaign. While the main thread is going on, another thread is going on in the background with the villains. This version takes a lot of coordination and planning, especially when the two threads crossover and the two interact. So far to keep Meta knowledge out of the picture players were instructed to keep their own threads and I as the GM would communicate back and forth and keep the game true to experiencing what’s actually happening. So far we haven’t gotten to that point so not sure how it will go. If one of you is interested in playing one of the villains I may entertain the idea of including it into this campaign.

    I would like players to be able to post at least 3 times per week. If you are unable to post that frequently due to real like please communicate that to me through the Out of Character thread and we can pause or I can pilot to help keep things moving. If it becomes a problem I’ll have to drop you and recruit a potential replacement who also really wanted to play.

    Supplementary Products that will be used are;
    - Campaign Setting: Magnimar, City of Monuments. (Minor changes to fit Gotham)
    - Pathfinder Core Rule Book
    - Ultimate Combat
    - Ultimate Campaign
    - Ultimate Equipment
    - Ultimate Intrigue
    - Mythic Adventures
- others to be determined and shared during campaign

    As for restrictions of source material I enjoy the entire community and resources. All that I ask is that we discuss it first and I’ll take a read before opening it out. Although I have my ideal vision of how I want my Batman to become, it might not be yours so I want you to be able to feel comfortable and confident that we can build a great one together.

    I am an old school GM and knowledgeable about 2e-5e D&D and Pathfinder 1e and 2e. I am also a progressive GM and like to incorporate rules and items from multiple editions, but stay close to D&D 3.5e and Pathfinder 1e. I will be clear and thorough when sharing/adding house rules. I always make sure everyone is also in agreement before changing or adding a new house rule.

    The only other restriction I have is that I would really like to keep it as true to Bruce Wayne/Batman as possible while still taking minor liberties to creat our own original version to fit the setting.

    If you are selected, I would like to keep things under control by initiating the character builds myself and then you would take them from there. I would of course provide any recommendations for feats. For Batman and the rest of the Bat-family I’ld like to utilize the Vigilante Class found in the Ultimate Intrigue Piazo Supplement, yet I know a few (not all) feats are near useless or duplicating something that I’m not going to be worried about so as a house rule players will be able to choose from the Vigilante Feat list as well as any other they would qualify for. Keep in mind many of the Vigilante Feats are a 2 for 1 deal but it take some patience but they are worth it for what they can allow you to do.

    To allow for a progressive introduction and building backstory so we can all get a feel for the setting and other characters I would like to continue the Year One story. This should also speed things up a little bit since there is already a “script” that will only need to be re-skinned. I’ll throw in some challenges in there to help break it up too.

    Immediate Cast:
    - Bruce Wayne / Batman
    - Lieutenant James Gordon

    After Year One Cast:
    - Dick Grayson / Robin / Night Wing
    - Jason Todd / Robin / Red Hood
    - Barbra Gordon / Batgirl
    (These cast members won’t appear right away. So in the mean time the Players could play members of the Gotham City Watch who have aligned themselves with Gordon. Once your original casted character comes into the story we’ll do the swap.)

    After Year One Cast
    Lieutenant Harvey Bullock
    Sergeant Crispus Allen
    Sergeant Renee Montoya

    If you would be interested in joining me in a dark mystery, and action packed adventure let me know and post your own fantasy short as one of the Gotham villains that you would like to encounter in this fantasy setting.

    You will become the greatest crimefighters Golarion has ever known...
    It won’t be easy.

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