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Thread: Chapter 56.6 The Chapel of Bramsun

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    Default Chapter 56.6 The Chapel of Bramsun

    Axar replies, trying to be honest with the priest. He says, "We don’t know why he was imprisoned. Talking with a devil is a careful exchange of information. There are no free questions.”

    He sighs and says, "Beyond the spiders and mines there was a large purple worm. It tunneled through the rocks, accidentally revealing an ancient tomb. Near that was a powerful magical evil, a floating skull. A semi-witch or something. We killed whatever it was. I am speculating, but I suspect the demon wanted to keep us from getting what was in the tomb."

    He asks, "I assume you knew nothing about the ancient tomb, devil, and the hidden area?"

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    "Not at all!" replied the priest, and he seemed to be genuine in his response. "Hidden area? You mean the tomb, certainly not. If I had known there was tomb to a semi, whatever you called it, I would surely alert the village. All I thought we had for a perilous situation was the spiders, now it seems this place is destined to be destroyed!" The cleric of Bramsun seemed to be beside himself. "I cannot keep this secret, the village must be warned, unless you can assure me 100% that these dangers will not afflict us, and how that will be." He looked to Axar, "You said you will make this right, does that mean removing the sources of the threats?"

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    As Walden listens to the priest, he tries to judge the man's reaction -- is he being honest, is he hiding anything or trying to cover up surprise, excitement or anger after hearing the information he's been told.

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    Althir said, "It seems there are two ways to send the threat. We can set the webs on fire which are throughout the village or simply collapse the cave structure. Either of those solutions involve convincing the bear in the upper part of the cave to leave."

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    "I helped place the bear there so that no one would go in there. It's sounds like you got by it somehow, without killing it," replied the cleric who seemed to not be hiding anything. "As for the spiders, destroying or collapsing the cave system isn't going to get rid of them, it may push them farther out. Also, I'm not concerned about them. I escaped them once, I was the only survivor by Bramsun's grace. I have them under control, it's this devil I am concerned about. You must take care of him, or I will have to alert the village, which will do nothing but cause chaos--but as I said before, this is a secret that I cannot keep."

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    Althir looked at his companions, "This is the unintended consequence of our action. I feel compelled to defeat the devil and make this village safe."

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    “The devil was bound in a circle,” states Zavros. “Do we know if it can break it?” Zavros supplies the details to the priest of the circle and provides a description of the devil.

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    Default Chapter 56.6 The Chapel of Bramsun

    Axar adds in, "The intention wasn’t to keep the secret of the devil. That is why we are here. If defeating the devil is the only way to keep the village safe, I will go back and attempt to slay him. Hopefully there is another way as Zavros indicates.”

    He had other questions about the bank notes they found, the "Heart" and other things. Rather than inquire further, he simply adds, "We are also sorry for your loss in the mines. We saw a lot of dead loewin. If we survive this, would you like us to attempt to retrieve them, or is it not worth the risk given the fear of the spiders coming out?"

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    Cormack nods to Althir, a small and silent acknowledgement that he's with him.

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    Ashwell shrugs, "I'm not that knowledgeable about devils and magic circles, that's more wizard's lore. I have a lot of knowledge about religion, specifically Bramsun and the ways of druids, so I couldn't give you a definite answer whether or not the circle will hold. I guess if it's always been there, and this devil has been trying to get out all this time, it will continue to hold."

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