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Thread: Chapter 56.3 Grey Sight

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    Althir said, "And what do you propose we do? The Temple of Illkur's representative in Jasrel saw only an opportunity for revenge not justice. I didn't see any morality in his behavior. The Greater Temple of Illkur might be able to use the news of Ashoman to recruit a large following. But, I'm not giving them the secret of creating a conduit. I'm not putting myself or the Moonlit Swords in danger."

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    "Remember, a lake can be drained slowly by a stream or swiftly by a raging river. A raging river might be more powerful for a moment, but it will also quickly drain the lake, leaving an arid basin," Walden says. He then pauses for a moment, feeling strangely sage for a moment, as if this is the type of thing the Masters might say.

    "I feel like we are just starting to embrace our own power, and yet we have somehow survived the most hellish encounters by working together. So perhaps power is gained over time, but there's more to be said for how one chooses to use that power -- slowly or swiftly -- and at what cost. And also we, what is the quality and quantity of those who work together when wielding power?

    "Perhaps we need to learn whether the Temple of Ceara is truly one person, or if they have found ways to equip their followers with power? And the Grey Seers -- perhaps they are strong, or perhaps they have grown lazy with power and have neglected their training and preparation due to over confidence."

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    "The last thing we need is some one else out to get us .... at least until we have finished doing everything else we need to do. The Grey Seers threat is an easy one to avoid. Just agree to keep our traps shut with regard to Conduits outside of this group. I myself have no problem with this request as stated... it chafes yes...because it smacks of high-handedness, but that is the reaction of a spoiled child being told off by one's parents. So, Althir, thank you for making us aware of the Grey Seers and their threat. Can we go to the chapel now?"
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