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Thread: Chapter 56.2 The Crossed Forks In

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    Walden finishes his stew almost as quickly as he finishes his ale. Signing with contentment, he says to Ivar, "Are all women like that? think you're asking the wrong fellow, brother. That's sort of like asking a camel if all fish swim upriver. But I suppose I know enough to say that women are curious creatures, just as men are."

    "Anyway, I think it might do us well to help with cleaning. Can I take your bowl? I'll take your cup, too, but only if you promise to let me look for a refill."

    Walden stands and starts cleaning up his dishes, and any other dirty dishes left behind, and brings them to the kitchen to get cleaned.

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    "Oh sure, I will take a refill on the ale".

    He hands over his dishes.
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    Default Chapter 56.2 The Crossed Forks In

    Axar continues to try to help Alli feel better. He says, "Look, we do a lot of traveling. Most of the time, weíre eating jerky, fruit, and other bland, dried shi... stuff. Youíre just nervous and overreacting. The others donít let me cook for a reason, but I will help as I can. And if it doesnít work out, Iíll take the blame for it. So, relax, and letís see what we can cook up."

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    Default Chapter 56.2 The Crossed Forks In

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    Alli calms down a bit and although she's watching the others out of the corner of her eye, she watches the Posh pies with much concentration. Before you know it the kitchen is ship shape and she is pulling out the two pies for Althir and Sparrow and delivers them to their table. She waits to see the pairs reaction to the pies.

    They. Are. Fabulous.

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    Althir finishing washing up and follows the scent of the pies back to the table. The warlock watches Sparrow since he has never had Posh Pie. After the loewin takes a bite, the warlock follows suit. It is so good, he takes another bite before speaking. Althir then says, "This is delicious! I'm glad you ordered this Sparrow." The fendari nods to Alli, "Fantastic!" The fendari looked over to Axar. "You'll have to eat one before we leave."

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    "Good gracious," remarked Sparrow, digging into the pie. "I've been a lot of places and this is one of the best dishes I've ever had!" Sparrow hungrily digs into the piping hot pie and cools himself off with some borrowed ale from Axar's pitcher.

    Clapping her hands in happiness, Alli notices Sully and the man standing off in the corner, Zavros, still without food--Hildegard too. "Can I get you gents anything? Mi'lady, perhaps something else, something not so much as a 'surprise?'"

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    Alli nods and looks to Zavros.

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    Althir says to the warrior, "Order the Posh Pie."

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