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    Hey gang, I'm back after about 5 years away. I can't remember what my account was, think it was under an old email. Had a lot of fun back then and Actually manage to finish a The One Ring adventure as well as had some fun with a lot of DND/Pathfinder off and on.

    Anyways I've got a ton of experience with 3.5, 4th, Pathfinder, and some with 5e. I won't have enough time to DM a game on here as I have Manager duties, my own system I'm building and hoping to launch soon and family to take care of.

    Hope there's some games coming up soon, I'd love to hop on and play!

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    Good to have you back. Here's hoping your system launches soon and to rave reviews.

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    Thanks Drew. Yeah it's been a passion project of mine for about ten years. Started out trying to "be the very best", but eventually realized that there is no perfect system for everyone, so just set out to make what I wanted.

    Dedicated fantasy world setting, 9 monstrous races (and humans), crunchy combat system with unique perks to each weapon that make them more than just d6 or d8, P or B, Stamina, Armor as Damage Reduction, and a magic system that's easy to use and extremely versatile. I've been very careful not to spread it around online, but I'm just about ready to start the marketing/kickstarter phase.


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