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Thread: Chapter 10.5: A note of warning

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    "Although my holy symbol will shed light to help us see, the rest of you like Big H and Rian should really get some Continual Flame items. Hold still Big H," Vort says as he prays for the small miracle of Light upon the blade of his glaive.

    ooc: Light cantrip on Hrothgar's glaive blade.

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    Affixing his Mask of the Hag, Vort keeps a wary eye out as they proceed into the dungeon.

    ooc: Marching order
    Rian -- Horthgar
    Kal -- Vort

    Horses tethered outside.

    Vort will cast Bless 2nd level, on Rian, Hrothgar, Kal and himself just before the door is opened incase we are immediately attacked by something.

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    Rian drew Flamequench and invoked it's power to flame on. The half-elf then readied his shield. "Open the door when you're ready."

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    Not knowing truly what lay beyond, Vort also prayed for Aid on himself, Rian and Hrothgar. He also prayed for Death Ward on Brandon.

    ooc: 3rd level Aid on the trio, giving them +10hp.

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    Kalthanar shakes his head, “I will go first. I will lead.”

    OOC: scouting ahead 60 feet so that the group does not interfere with his stealth. Perception check at every new room or corridor.

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    "Undead don't care about stealth," Vort says, "since most can't see anyways, so it's your funeral."
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    Hrothgar thanks Vort for the light.

    "That helps" He grins then he gets ready to move in alongside Rian
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    Kalthanar nods to Vortigern, “I will trust your experience then.”

    OOC: Kalthanar will go with the original marching order.

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    Ignoring the nearby snake and note of warning, the group prepares for combat, with Vortigern calling on Reorx to aid and blessing on his companions. He then opens the door, and it makes far more noise than they would like. It swings inward, and the only thing that Vort’s light spell reveals is stone stairs descending into darkness. A lip just before the door keeps water from the nearby waterfall from going down the stairs.

    A musty smell greets the group, as they prepare to descend. The stairs are 10’ wide and just large enough to accommodate the group. There is no doubt that despite the age, the construction is fine dwarven in nature. The group advances slowly with Hrothgar and Rian leading the way, with the others in tight formation.

    Little is seen or heard as they descent except for the all too audible scraps of armor from the Sentinels. After perhaps 100 stairs and around 2 minutes of time, the stairs (and bless spell) end.

    Hrothgar and Rian find a stone archway and are facing a stone wall straight ahead, 5 feet in front of them. To their left and right are archways into different rooms. The smell changes from musty down here to that of death.

    Peering ahead to their left and right are archways into different rooms. On the right, the warriors can see a large room, with only an assortment of bones visible in small piles. Something, or perhaps a dozen somethings, had died in this central area and right corridor, and all that remained were some bone piles. To the left, they see what appears to be some kind of abandoned office. A partially collapsed desk sits in the middle of the room with some shelving in equally deteriorated conditions along the walls. Several more bone piles are scattered throughout the room. The smell of death is more prevalent down the eastern passage.

    The Sentinels stare at each other trying to determine their next move. It is as quiet as a tomb, and their vision is limited right now.

    Vort has 1 level of exhaustion.
    Aid on Vort, Rian, and Hrothgar.
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